In quarantine with a teen


Matthew Va

A remote learning setup from a WMS student

Matthew Vacirca, Spring Author

These last couple of weeks students and employees have been home due to the Coronavirus so some of the people that are home explained what their experience of being home is like.

A student from another school in New Jersey said, “I like online school better because it is a lot quicker.” When he is finished with his work he has been playing video games and eating while home. One thing he misses is his classmates. “One thing I don’t like about being home is that I have more chores,” said the student.

Matthew Vacirca’s mother said that she loves to stay home because she knows her family is safe. “The thing that I don’t like about working from home is that there are too many distractions,” said Mrs.Vacirca

Even after all the stress people are having about the Coronavirus, people still feel like working and staying home is the best option for everyone’s safety.