• January 5(1/5/23) Playoff game today WMS is versing the Avenel Wildcats!
  • January 4WMS Student's Council January bulletin board, we will be having a meeting next Wednesday (12-21)
  • January 31/3 Henna tattoos during all lunch periods celebrating Indian Heritage week
The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

IN PIE WE CRUST! Mrs. Burke after being pied during the Pi Day events.

Mrs. Burke inspires students to learn about pi

Seiry Collazo and Uththara P. March 21, 2023

Burke and student participants talked about the wonders of the pi day events which were hosted last week on the 14th of March in the WMS cafeteria and auditorium.  Mrs. Burke, a 7th grade math teacher...

INTRODUCTION TO PEER LEADERS: Ciara, Nashly, and Taylor pose for a picture in front of the school.

WMS Peer Leaders teach and inspire

Mya Acosta, Bry Cosme, and Destiny Colon March 20, 2023

WMS has started a new program as of 2023 called Peer Leaders. Peer leaders are a group of students that are chosen to help, guide, and make the school a better place.  Mrs.Washington, founder of the...

CHUCK AND DUCK: Woodbridge middle school dodgeball tournament is a success.

Chuck and duck: Woodbridge Middle School hosts dodgeball tournament

Cain Berger and Edward Torres March 17, 2023

WMS hosted a dodgeball tournament on March 8th. Students who wanted to participate had to pay two dollars to any team captain or teacher, and if students wanted to watch they paid one dollar. The co-host...

WMS STUDENTS AT THE BOOK FAIR: Heres a snapshot of WMS students taking part in the book fair.

Scholastic takes WMS by storm raining books

Isaiah M and Brandon Bryant March 16, 2023

WMS had their first book fair in 7 years. Mrs. Dinella, a reading teacher, came up with the idea then with help from Mr.Malmstrom, a journalism teacher, and the new principal, Dr.Lott, the idea came to...

WHY KNOT BUY A PRETZEL?: 8th Grader, Jake Dinicola enjoys and toys with his salty snack at lunch.

Pretzel palooza enters WMS

Jake Dinicola, Author March 15, 2023

Friday, March 3rd introduced the Pretzel Sale at the cafeteria. Mrs. Maneri, Band Teacher/Snack Sale ran it. Credit goes to principal, Dr. Lott as she came up with the idea of the sale. The money will...

YOU HAVE JUST BEEN SERVED! WMS students practice some volleyball.

WMS students “dig” volleyball club!

Macie Mastrola and Ava Czerniak March 15, 2023

WMS has recently added a volleyball club after school. Volleyball is one of the most popular sports ever today. Girls and boys around the world play volleyball. Mr. Murphy runs the club and coaches...

GREAT JOB GIRLS: Girls bowling team puts up 4 fingers for their 4th straight bowling championship

WMS boys and girls bowling teams take the championship

Jack Koby and Brian Dwyer March 15, 2023

The 2023 boys and girls WMS bowling teams had a successful season at the Woodbridge Bowling Center during the spring semester. Both teams took home the championship. Coach Maneri, previously a 5 time,...

LETS PLAY: Its our first Student Discovery Day

Student Discovery Day: We’re making smoothies!

Cynthia Olsen, Author January 30, 2023

On January 13th, 2023 we had our first Student Discovery Day. We had all different classes like Milkshakes & Smoothies and many others. I decided to get feedback on how students and faculty felt about...

MAKE IT BRIGHTER:Light up the future with WMS

Brighten up and smile: With Student Discovery Day

Cynthia Olsen, Author January 6, 2023

This January the thirteenth at WMS we are having our first discovery day with all the kids and some teachers. Dr.Lott, the principal, said, “I think it’s very important the students pick a workshop...

TAKE THAT BALL TO THE HOOP: Lady Warriors basketball season 2022

WMS Lady Warriors basketball season 2022

Anjele Alston and Brianna Lujan December 22, 2022

The WMS girls basketball team kicked off their 2022 season. The Warriors won against IMS and lost against FMS,AMS and CMS. The girls had a tough season so far but they’re getting through it by working...

LETS GO WARRIORS: Fans cheer on WMS as they defeat AMS.

WMS implements new attendance limitation

Daniella Mojica, Editor December 21, 2022

WMS students are now required to fill out a google form to attend home games. This rule has been officially set this basketball season and there are a lot of mixed opinions going around the school.  There...

Photo VIa:https://www.google.com/search?q=six%20flags&tbm=isch&tbs=il:cl&rlz=1CAJIKU_enUS1022&hl=en-US&sa=X&ved=0CAAQ1vwEahcKEwjgxouvzYj8AhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQAg&biw=1366&bih=617&safe=active&ssui=on#imgrc=-2HsjcdNSeCYQM

Eighth grade prepares for field trip this spring

Jacey Goris, Editor December 21, 2022

The WMS eighth grade student body prepares for an eighth grade field trip this Spring. There are many mixed emotions on the voted trip to Six Flags. Many students who have been to Six Flags in the past...

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