• May 31June 11th 8th grade iPads will be collected!
  • May 31Field Day is June 11,2019
  • April 3Girls trying out for volleyball tryouts are Tuesday, April 9 at Fords Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

2019-2020 Staff

Kayla Parrinello

Fall Author

Kayla Parrinello is a 7th Grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She likes to write and read, but never does it in her spare time. She loves all animals, except monkeys. Her favorite animal is the horse, though she doesn’t rid...

Lila Ulmer

Fall Author

Lila Ulmer is a seventh grade student at WMS who loves animals, video/photo editing, and sports. She roots for the Boston Bruins hockey team. Lila is an equestrian (she rides horses) and enjoys the Western style of the sport....

Alaina Haniff

Fall Author

Alaina Haniff is a seventh grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She enjoys relaxing and watching Netflix. She watches The Office, Friends, Stranger Things, Riverdale, and all types of Anime. Her favorite anime is Naruto. She has ...

Gianna Covino

Fall Author

Gianna Covino is a 7th grader at Woodbridge Middle School.  She enjoys going out with her friends after school and shopping at the mall.  She has one 9 year old doggy named LuLu and she’s a black and white shih-tzu poodle...

Ashley Gomez

Fall Author

Ashley Gomez is a seventh grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She enjoys dancing, watching Netflix and listening to music. Ashley has had a passion for dance since she was six years old. She dances Hip-hop, Jazz, Contemporary, ly...

Brianna Limmer

Fall Author

Brianna Limmer is a seventh grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She loves music that nobody listens to. She couldn’t live without her earbuds; she’s not as social at home as she is at school and has her earbuds in most of ...

Michael Corbett

Fall author

Michael Corbett is an eighth grade student that enjoys soccer, football, fantasy football , and hanging out with his friends. Corbett also likes school, but doesn’t like homework. His favorite food is either chicken wings, b...

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