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The Warrior Messenger

2017-2018 Staff

Grace Terrell

Spring Editor

Grace Terrell, an eighth grader at Woodbridge Middle School, loves dancing, reading, and binging Netflix. Her favorite shows would be The Office, Friends, Stranger Things and pretty much every Netflix original. She also enjoys...

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Emelia Kraft

Spring Editor

Emelia Kraft is an 8th Grader at Woodbridge Middle School. Her favorite thing to do is play softball. She plays softball for an all year travel team called the Batbusters. The Batbusters were originally from California, but once...

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Nico Diaz

Spring Editor

Nicholas(Nico) Diaz is an eighth grader at WMS. He has a passion for wrestling. His favorite artist is Drake. He also loves to read books, his favorite series is the Hunger Games series. One thing that he thinks goes along with...

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Matie Jones

Spring Editor

Matie Jones is a 8th grader at Woodbridge Middle School. Her favorite things to do in her spare time is make YouTube videos and play basketball. She also enjoys collecting all types of sneakers and shoes . She played for the Woodbridge...

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Anginette Ipanaque

Spring Editor

Quirky thirteen year old and eighth grader Anginette Ipanaque attends the marvelous school WMS. Ipanaque is almost always stuck in a pile of homework, but when she is finally free she loves to get her nose stuck in a good book...

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Tracey Freier

Spring Editor

Tracey Freier is an eighth grade student here at Woodbridge Middle School. She loves dancing, playing softball, hanging out with friends and binge watching Netflix. A few of her all time favorite shows include Stranger Things,...

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Ashley Ring


Ashley Ring is an eighth grader at WMS. She uses her free time to read, listen to music, or or do crafts. She does especially well in language arts making that her favorite subject. Dance takes up most of her time and out of all...

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Pleasant Martin-Oguike

Fall editor

Pleasant Martin-Oguike (O- Gwe-Kay) is a 13 year old kid in 8th grade in Woodbridge Middle School. His hobbies include filmmaking, photography, 3D animation, drawing, and anything to do with Stanley Kubrick. Some of my favorite...

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Claire English

Fall Editor

Claire English is an eighth grader at WMS. She occupies herself with reading, cheer, softball, and her favorite sport, swim. English’s favorite book is The Catcher in the Rye and her favorite stroke in swim is butterfly. English'...

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Rachelle Estinvil

Fall Author

Rachelle Estelia Estinvil is a twelve year old girl  who is in 7th grade. She enjoys dancing, writing, running, and reading.  Rachelle is also in band, drama club, student council, cheer, and is hoping make it into volleyba...

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Nancy Riggio

Fall Author

Nancy Riggio is a twelve year old 7th grader here at Woodbridge Middle. She is extremely ardent about dancing and playing the piano. Her favorite shows are Teen Wolf, and Riverdale. She also has a great passion for drawing. Her favo...

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Gianna Orten

Fall Author

Gianna Orten is a goofy girl, she likes to play softball and is currently in the WMS softball team. She’s friendly, most of the time if you don’t get on her nerves. Orten is Really fun to be with she has a lot of friends. S...

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Kimora Park

Fall Author

Kimora Park is goofy and always smiling. She likes hanging out with her friends and family. Kimora is intersted in basketball and volleyball. Park likes to make her best friend laugh at the jokes she makes. Park likes to watch Yo...

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Victoria Hrabkovsky

Fall Author

Victoria Hrabkovsky is a seventh grade student at WMS. She enjoys watching YouTube videos, reading books, writing, and crafting. She has a dog and a fish, but has had many different pets before. People describe her as crazy, ...

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Michael Kidwell

Fall Author

Michael Kidwell is a twelve year old 7th grader attending Woodbridge Middle School. He loves to play video-games and play basketball. He has two sisters who also went to Woodbridge Middle School. They are 26 and 28 years old no...

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Alison Carrasco

Fall Author

Alison Carrasco is twelve years old and she is a seventh grader at WMS. She loves to play volleyball with her family and friends. On her free time she likes to hear music, play with her siblings, and read books.  What she rea...

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Genesis perez

Fall Author

Genesis Perez is a goofy girl; weird but funny. She seems shy and quiet at first, but she’s far from that once you get to know her. She laughs a lot too if you haven’t already noticed. She likes basketball and track and is us...

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Patryk Duda

Fall Author

Patryk Duda is a 7th grader currently attending Woodbridge Middle School. He likes to play soccer, listen to music, and play with his seven year old brother. In the future, Patryk sees himself being a professional soccer player. ...

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Kylee Riscoe

Fall author

Kylee Riscoe is a seventh grader at Woodbridge Middle School.  Her favorite sport is hockey and she plays for the Woodbridge Thunder. Her birthday is December 22nd and she is twelve years old.  Her favorite food is chicken nugge...

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Nicholas Karabinos

Fall editor

Nicholas Karabinos is a shy eighth grader at WMS who loves to write stories and comics. He’s not much of a talker, but is really smart. He loves to read and can sometimes accidentally get so caught up in it, he forgets what...

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Zain Shiraz

Fall editor

Zain Shiraz is a journalist for The Warrior Messenger. Zain is nice and respectful. He likes taking picture and interviewing people. He is a friend to many and a brother to one. He also has a sister. He is smart, but hates doing...

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Shayna Mangal

Fall Editor

Shayna Mangal is an eighth grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She enjoys playing with her dog when she’s at home, or watching videos on YouTube. She loves listening to EDM, and coloring or drawing. Her favorite kinds of stories...

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Julia Milevoi

Fall Editor

Julia Milevoi is an 8th grader at Woodbridge Middle School. In her free time she likes to play softball, listen to music and go swimming. She plays softball for Woodbridge Middle School and she plays year round for the Central...

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Noemi Grande

Fall Editor

Noemi Grande is an eighth grader at WMS. She likes drawing, specifically humans, objects, and backgrounds. An interest Grande has is listening to music and her musical taste is all over the place. She listens to rock, alternative,...

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Jayden Pena

Fall Editor

13 Year old Jayden Peña is a student at Woodbridge Middle who is a special student. He loves to play sports and he loves to hang out with his friends. He loves hip hop music and his favorite artist is Drake. He believes everyone...

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Anthony Ciaccio

Fall Editor

Anthony Ciaccio is a thirteen year old eighth grade boy. He is a part of Art Club and Journalism. He is a writer for The Warrior Messenger . He is a dancer and loves tacos from Chipotle. He has two dogs, a lizard, and multiple...

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Alexis Davey

Fall Editor

Alexis Davey is an 8th grader at WMS. She enjoys playing softball, which is her favorite sport. Being a teenager, she spends most free time listening to music, and watching her favorite show, Glee. She always tries to accomplish her go...

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Olivia Viggiano

Fall Editor

Olivia Viggiano is an eighth grader at Woodbridge Middle school. She enjoys playing softball which is her favorite sport, as she also enjoys playing basketball and volleyball. She also enjoys hanging out with her friends, and...

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Janese Lewis

Fall Editor

Janese Lewis is a 13 year old student here at WMS. Cheering, tumbling, writing, being social, and laughing every five minutes, are a few of the things that are incorporated in Lewis’ day to day life. Open to listening to just...

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Natalie Pejko

Fall Editor

  Natalie Pejko is an 8th grader here at Woodbridge Middle. Her interests include volleyball and swimming. She likes watching basketball because of its fast pace, her favorite player is Steph Curry, but she does not like...

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Daniela Burton

Fall Editor

Daniela Burton is a 13 year old girl who loves to dance, sing, listen to music, and run. She loves dogs and has two dogs; an American Eskimo, and a Pit mixed with a Lab. She puts a lot of effort helping around the school by sometimes...

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Emma Hodgins

Fall Editor

Emma Hodgins is an 8th grader and student of Woodbridge Middle. She’s a self-proclaimed Ravenclaw, and addict of Harry Potter, fancy pens and tea. When she’s not wandering her house boisterously singing, she can be found reading,...

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Alexis Lyczkowski

Fall Editor

  Alexis Lyczkowski, an 8th grade student at Woodbridge Middle School, enjoys cheerleading and playing volleyball with friends. Her favorite animals are fish and elephants . Pizza is her favorite food and her birthday...

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Scott Lucarelli

Fall Editor

Scott Lucarelli is a sweet and generous guy. He has his jokes, he has his energy, he has good happy vibes all around him. Lucarelli is strong and confident, he is outgoing. Lucarelli is the guy you think of and then giggle in...

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Lorena Gama

Fall Editor

Lorena Gama is a quirky, awkward eighth grader at WMS who laughs at her own jokes and can’t keep a straight face for her life. She enjoys photography, theatre arts, sketching and tumbling her way down the gymnastics mat. Gama...

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