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The Warrior Messenger

2019-2020 Staff

Nisha Hodgins

Fall Editor

Nisha Hodgins is a hard-working eighth grader at WMS. Hodgins is a proud video editor, with a hobby of listening to music. Her myriad of hobbies also include ukulele, bullet journaling, and poetry. Not only did Hodgins dye her...

Nicole Castro

Fall Editor

Nicole Castro is an 8th grader at WMS and is a part of The Warrior Messenger. Nicole loves the fall and enjoys hanging out with her friends. She enjoys reading and studying about physics and the universe. Nicole always loves spending...

Tanaya Thompson

Fall Editor

Tanaya Thompson is an 8th grader at WMS. She likes to play basketball, volleyball, and hangout with her friends in her free time. She was previously on the WMS girls basketball team and hopes to make it again this year. She also...

Megan Boyle

Fall Editor

Megan Boyle is a 13 year old 8th grader who loves softball and dance. She is on the WMS Lady Warrior Softball team. She also loves ice hockey. Boyle loves to watch Netflix. Her favorite show is Riverdale and she loves to hang...

Caitlin O’Brien

Fall Editor

Caitlin O’Brien is a 13 year old 8th grader at Woodbridge Middle School. Her new favorite show on Netflix is The Vampire Diaries. She still loves the book series Harry Potter, and she’s a part of the WMS women’s choir a...

Dwayne Mendonca

Fall Editor

Dwayne Mendonca is a very talented person who has just started journalism. He also has a lot of experience in writing so chose to join journalism for his 8th grade special. In the past, he has done many extra curricular activities...

Andrew Jones

Fall Editor

Andrew Jones is an eighth grader from Woodbridge Middle School and is an author and editor for The Warrior Messenger. He creates YouTube videos and has plans to start a podcast in school. He usually spends his free time playing...

Josh Ruck

Fall Editor

Josh Ruck is an 8th grade student at Woodbridge middle school he is part of The Warrior Messenger . His favorite sport is baseball. He is also a bowler and bowls in leagues and tournaments. His dream college is LSU and he loves...

Estefani Gonzalez

Fall Editor

Estefani Gonzalez Garcia is an 8th grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She loves to play volleyball with her friends and hang out with them. Gonzalez is Mexican and loves all things spicy. Her dream place to visit is Japan where...

Sarah Rasimowicz

Fall Editor

Sarah Rasimowicz is a quirky person who loves making friends. She is a Hufflepuff, so she is naturally a compassionate person. She loves listening to music in her spare time; her newest interest being musicals. Some of Rasimowicz’s...

Jack Brenner

Spring Editor

Jack Brenner is a 7th grade student at Woodbridge Middle School. He enjoys playing baseball for the school. In his free time, he likes to play NBA 2k20 and Fortnite. He plans on attending Woodbridge High School. His dream College...

Gabriella Lugo

Spring Editor

Gabriella Lugo is a charming, amazing friend who will never fail to make you smile. He is a Hufflepuff, loves Dungeons and Dragons, anime, and video games. He loves mac and cheese, not disappointment pasta, and almost all Asian...

Gianna Graffeo-Seda

Spring Editor

Gianna Graffeo-Seda is an 8th grader that loves to dance. She loves Harry Potter and is a Slytherin.While ballet is a career she would love to pursue in the future “getting there will take hard work.” Juilliard and American...

Jasmine Hickok

Spring Editor

Jasmine Hickok is an 8th grader at WMS who loves to dance and play music as well as create art. She has been dancing for about seven years, playing piano for six years and clarinet for four years. She has two siblings, a younger...

Kayla Parrinello

Fall Author

Kayla Parrinello is a 7th Grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She likes to write and read, but never does it in her spare time. She loves all animals, except monkeys. Her favorite animal is the horse, though she doesn’t rid...

Lila Ulmer

Fall Author

Lila Ulmer is a seventh grade student at WMS who loves animals, video/photo editing, and sports. She roots for the Boston Bruins hockey team. Lila is an equestrian (she rides horses) and enjoys the Western style of the sport....

Alaina Haniff

Fall Author

Alaina Haniff is a seventh grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She enjoys relaxing and watching Netflix. She watches The Office, Friends, Stranger Things, Riverdale, and all types of Anime. Her favorite anime is Naruto. She has ...

Ashley Gomez

Fall Author

Ashley Gomez is a seventh grader at Woodbridge Middle School. Shes on the WMS cheer team, enjoys dancing, watching Netflix and listening to music. Ashley has had a passion for dance since she was six years old. She dances Hip-h...

Gianna Covino

Fall Author

Gianna Covino is a 7th grader at Woodbridge Middle School.  She enjoys going out with her friends after school and shopping at the mall.  She has one 9 year old doggy named LuLu and she’s a black and white shih-tzu poodle...

Brianna L.

Fall Author

Brianna L. is a seventh grader at Woodbridge Middle School. She loves music that nobody listens to. She couldn’t live without her earbuds; she’s not as social at home as she is at school and has her earbuds in most of the ...

Michael Corbett

Fall author

Michael Corbett is an eighth grade student that enjoys soccer, football, fantasy football , and hanging out with his friends. Corbett also likes school, but doesn’t like homework. His favorite food is either chicken wings, b...

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