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Mean Girls Movie

Picture from:https://printerval.com/ under Creative Commons Licenses

The new Mean Girls movie hit streaming services on March 5th. Everybody and their mother were watching that movie with very high expectations. The Mean Girls movie got a lot of backlash but also a lot of love.

Changes Made:

In order to create a musical out of the movie, obviously some changes were made. Some of these changes were changes in lines. WMS 7th-grade student Francesca Belocura said, ”I think that it’s good that they changed because the movie was made pretty early in the 2000s and their humor was much more offensive than it is now.” I agree with that, a lot of jokes in the 2000s would not slide nowadays.

Regina George:

Regina George is obviously one of the most important characters in the movie; without her there would be no mean girls.  Casting a perfect Regina George is as important. Aubrey Rebnicky, a WMS 7th grader said, ”I honestly personally like the first one [Regina George played by Rachel McAdams] because I feel like she just portrayed a better mean girl.”


Belocura also shared her thoughts on the Regina George casting. She said, “I think that the best actress that portrays Regina is the original [Regina George played by Rachel McAdams] because the original is obviously the best and she showed a lot more acting but Renée Rapp also did really well.” 


I agree with both of these opinions. Rachel Mcadams did an outstanding job portraying Regina. I was watching the movie and It felt really real like a mean girl would be like that.


Did people like it?

The Mean Girls movie was very anticipated and when it came out people had many things to say.

Belocura said she thinks the reason many people liked it was ”because not everyone knew it was a musical and the elf product placement was too obvious and they probably liked the original better.” 


Rebnicky said, “I think because they turned it  into more of  a musical and people don’t really like the characters, people were just saying it was bad because they kind of switched it up that it’s not really like the original.” This opinion was my personal favorite because this is my exact thought of the movie. Many of Regina’s iconic lines were cut and that was a bummer.

Thoughts on the Music:

Another big part of the movie is the music. Many people had no idea it was a musical, a lot of people knew and were not fans at all.


Belocura said, ”I think that the songs make a good touch to the movie and that everyone’s vocals are really good. It’s just that the instrumental isn’t  really good even though it’s adapted from the musical.”


Rebnecky on the other hand said, “I honestly lost interest in it a quarter way but I still watched it but it was honestly okay just kind of harder to sit and watch than the first one.” 



The Mean Girls musical reboot was partially enjoyed by many, but it could have been better.  Some things were left to be desired like the music, but I feel actors did a great job. It gets a lot of hype, which I don’t think it deserves. I think that people should give it a shot because some people might enjoy it, but proceed with caution and don’t take it out on me if you don’t like it.

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