Zodiac Signs

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Estefani Gonzalez, Fall Editor

Zodiac signs and Astrology signs are established by the sun, moon, and planets positions. There are twelve signs in total; Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Babylonians invented Zodiac signs and created a calendar that’s based off of the twelve phases of the moon. Your birthday determines your Zodiac sign. Zodiac signs also have descriptions. Do people agree with their Zodiac descriptions?

Information was gathered about their personalities and weaknesses. Twelve people were interviewed. The interview went as follows: the person was given information and they could either agree with the statements, or say it’s not true about them. If they agree or disagree they can give a reason why.

Victoria Roca, an Aries, said that she considers herself a Pisces. Weaknesses of an Aries are being frank, direct, and short-tempered. Roca doesn’t agree with being short-tempered and stated, “I don’t show my angry side that often”. Aries are adventurous and spontaneous, and don’t like to be told what to do. Roca agrees with being spontaneous, but not adventurous. Roca said, “I’m also okay with being told what to do.” The last thing Roca also agrees with, is being a visionary.

Dwayne Mendonca, a Taurus, agrees with his weaknesses; being stubborn, possessive, and uncompromising. Mendonca also loves being there for the people he loves. A fact about Taurus’ are that they are the most reliable out of all the Zodiac signs. Taurus’ are practical, responsible, and devoted; something Dwayne also agrees with. He didn’t disagree with anything about the Taurus description.

Lisette Gonzalez is a Gemini. Weaknesses can be nervousness, indecisiveness, and inconsistence. Gonzalez agrees with all of them, especially inconsistence. Geminis are sociable and thoughtful. She agrees with being thoughtful. Gonzalez quoted, “I try to be sociable, even though I have no idea what to talk about.” They are also curious and youthful; she definitely agrees she is curious about everything and youthful.

Michael Corbett is a Cancer. Weaknesses can be moodiness, suspicion, and sometimes insecurity. Corbett disagrees with being insecure. He quoted, “I will get yelled at, but then five minutes later, get back to what I am doing.” Cancers can be challenging to know. He disagrees with this because he says he is outgoing. They also care deeply about family and their home, and Corbett agrees. As a water sign, they tend to be more emotional and intense. He said, “it depends”. Cancers are also imaginative. He would say “sometimes but not on the arts, such as drawing”.

Karola Ortiz is a Leo. Weaknesses for a Leo can be laziness, being stubborn, and self-centered. Leo’s are dramatic and self-confident. Ortiz agrees with all her weaknesses and being dramatic. She wouldn’t say she is self-confident. Leos can easily ask for the things they need, but could just as easily neglect the needs of other people’s needs. Ortiz said, “I do neglect the needs of others, but it also depends.”

Ezra Snyder is a Virgo. Weaknesses for a Virgo are shy, critical of self or others, and it’s all about work for them, no messing around. Snyder agrees with his weaknesses besides, it’s all about work. He also says it’s hard to work and focus. Virgos are misunderstood because they don’t express their emotions and Snyder would say he is misunderstood. They pay attention to the smallest details, are reliable, and practical. He says he is reliable and practical. When paying attention to the smallest details, he says, “Yes, I secretly am judging.”

Mason is a Libra. Weaknesses for a Libra are carrying a grudge, self-pity, indecisive, and avoids any confrontations. He agrees with all his weaknesses besides avoiding any confrontations. Libras are peaceful and fair with others. He also doesn’t agree with being peaceful. They also like to do everything with someone by their side and hate being alone. He agrees that he hates to be alone, he prefers someone to be by his side.

Cassandra Romas is a Scorpio. Weaknesses for a Scorpio can be jealousy, violence, wanting to be right all the time, and distrusting. She agrees with her weaknesses, but stated, “Semi true with being right all the time.” Scorpios are passionate and determined, brave and have a lot of friends. They are also a great leader and aware of any situation. Romas agrees with being passionate, determined, brave, and being aware of any situation, but not with being a great leader. Romas stated, “Who’s to say for a lot of friends?” 

Deisy Rojas is a Sagittarius. Weaknesses for a Sagittarius can be impatient, they get bored quickly, and do things carelessly. Rojas agrees she gets bored easily and she can be impatient depending on the situation. Sagittarius are curious and open-minded. They are honest and aren’t influenced by others. Rojas agrees with every description of her. The last thing that Rojas agrees with strongly, Sagittarius love their freedom.

Gabriella Lugo is a Capricorn. Weaknesses for Capricorns are being a know-it-all, unforgiving, and expecting the worst. Lugo would say her weaknesses are true and a little bit of being a know-it-all. Lugo quoted, “Depends. If it were cartoons, that’s when I am a know-it-all.” Capricorns are also known to dislike almost everything at some point and likes family tradition and music. She would agree that she likes music but not family tradition. Capricorns are also practical, she said, “Yes, but I try and be a bubbly person.” Capricorns are also ready to give up anything to achieve their goal in life. Lugo quoted, “I wouldn’t give up my best friends for my goal.”

Caitlin O’Brien is an Aquarius. Weaknesses of Aquarius can be unpredictable, detached, inefficiency, and unemotional. O’Brien doesn’t disagree with any of her weaknesses. Impulsiveness and charm are amongst the most defining qualities. She doesn’t agree with having charm as a defining quality. Aquarius can be a bit erratic, and O’Brien agrees with being erratic. 

Fiona Van Tassel is  a Pisces. Weaknesses for a Pisces are being fearful, being a know-it-all, and being emotional. She agrees with all her weaknesses, especially being emotional. Pisces adapt to their surroundings, they are kind, and invigorated by sharing experiences of music and romance. Van Tassel stated, “I love to talk about romance, especially.” 

People find is amazing how their Zodiac signs can describe them when it comes to their personality. Zodiac sign websites predict future lovers, jobs, health, or money. They are a fun thing to read about and compare with yourself. Being a Taurus, I would agree most of them. Especially being practical, “I focus on the effect of my decision rather than listen to my heart”. What is your Zodiac sign? Do you agree with your description?