Lakers do it for Kobe

Gavin Slicner, Author

As you may know, the Los Angeles Lakers have won the NBA finals defeating the Miami Heat in memory of Laker great Kobe Bryant. Over the last few years the Lakers have not been a good team ever since NBA legend Kobe Bryant retired, but no way the Lakers were going to be losing for much longer signing LeBron James and Anthony Davis. In a two-year span this team transferred from a bottom five worst team in the league to a top three best.  

The spirit of Kobe Bryant loomed large over the team.  Several instances of the team playing at a higher level were directly related to the passing of Kobe Bryant.  In game 2 of the Semifinals round against the Nuggets Lakers player Anthony Davis made a game-winning three-pointer and yelled ”Kobe ” after he shot it. In honor of Kobe, the Lakers made special jerseys for the Lakers called “Black Mamba” Kobe’s nickname and the Lakers went undefeated wearing that jersey in the playoffs. 

What made this NBA Finals more special and memorable than the rest is that Lakers Legend, sports legend, Kobe Bryant died in a tragic helicopter crash leaving the whole sports industry in shock. This gave the Lakers and LeBron a better reason than to just win for themselves, but win it for Kobe.