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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

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Advice from 8th graders to future students

Ashlynn poses for a picture

Some 8th grade WMS students talk about their emotions on leaving middle school and going into high school.

Reflecting on WMS:

Many students are looking forward to high school, but there is a lot they are going to miss about WMS. 

Sam Morel, an 8th grader and cheerleader, said, “I think it’s bitter sweet. I wouldn’t say they were the best 3 years but I will miss my teachers, coaches I’ve been around them for so long and all the friends I’ve built aren’t going to go to the same high school. So I will definitely say it’s bittersweet because you’re growing up and you’re going to meet new people and get to have more opportunities.”

Bella Guerriero, another 8th grader said, “I’m scared but I’m excited to meet new people. I’m going to miss feeling comfortable and knowing everyone.” 

Ashlynn Lynch, an 8th grader and past journalism student said, “I’m really scared I’m kinda happy though because I kinda want to go to high school to move on with my life, but I’m going to miss pajama days the spirit weeks even though they have that at the high school it’s going to be different because your not a kid anymore so it’s not enjoyable,  and also how small and accessible it is here.” 

Sam Morel emphasized that teachers can have a tremendous impact on student lives during middle school.  She described her favorite teacher saying, “Many of my teachers were impactful. I had my 7th grade teacher Mr. Murphy. He doesn’t go here anymore but he was really one of the most important people in my school career. He always knew how to make your days brighter and he really understood and he was a really nice guy.”

Looking to the Future: (Remaining Close with friends)

8th graders have a lot to look forward to in high school so here are some responses from some students.

Ashlynn Lynch said, “Yea definitely the cheer team, plays at the high school, and the dance team. I have a lot of friends that are in high school so I will be able to see them, and just get to grow up more.”

Bella Guerriero said, “ I’m looking forward to being on the dance team and meeting new people.”

Sam Morel stated, “For high school I’m looking forward to all the sports to do and I’m also looking forward to being able to cheer again.”

Advice for Younger Grades:

Some 8th grade WMS students give advice for younger students that are going into a different grade.

Bella Guerriero expounded, “Be respectful to everyone here even if they make you mad and don’t get into fights.”

Sam Morel said, “Honestly I would just say it goes by so fast and the next thing you know you’ll be in high school and your going take all these classes and you will have to do high school scheduling.  I think you just cannot take anything for granted whether that be any classes that your in or if you make a sports team; you can’t take that for granted because the next thing you’ll know is your in high school.”

Ashlynn Lynch remarked, “I know this is so basic and people are like just be yourself and don’t try to fit in but I was one of those people who really wanted to fit in and be popular, but honestly I was a lot happier just being me because I would always try to dress like people and like all of that but it’s just more enjoyable to surround yourself around people you like.” 

Good luck to all our 8th graders graduating!


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