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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

AMAZING HEADPHONES! 8th grader Mikey Reyes gives us a taste of what he listens to when relaxing.

How do YOU feel when you are listening to music?

Mikey Reyes, Editor November 15, 2022

WMS is a school of diversity and different opinions, a lot of students have different favorite music types and some have the same.  Rap is a very popular music genre in WMS because of the way it pumps...

SHARING IS CARING: It is important to show equality.

Sexism in Sports

Ciara Murphy and Samantha Malltell November 15, 2022

Women's sports aren't as popular compared to men’s; is that because of how women play?  Is it because “Women aren't strong enough”? Too stereotypical to notice how women actually play  just because...

AMAZING QUESTIONS AMAZING ANSWERS: The Multimedia and Journalism Team Interviewing Dr. Lott.

The Interview Experience With Dr. Lott At Woodbridge Middle School

Alan Jimenez, Editor November 15, 2022

The Multimedia Team collaborated with the WMS Journalism Team in order to create and film an interview with the new Principal of WMS, Dr. Lott. Everyone brainstormed questions and chose their own jobs...

HARDWORK IS KEY!! Ciara Murphy working her hardest to work her dream job as a doctor.

How Hard Would You Work For Your Dream Job?

Youssef Selim, Editor October 27, 2022

Imagine waking up every morning knowing you get to walk, drive, even fly to your dream job. Students of Woodbridge Middle School talk about how hard they would work to achieve it and what their dream job...

DELILAH: Delilah on stage during a performance

All About Delilah Farrell

Samantha Malltell, Editor October 27, 2022

Some of you know Delilah as the quiet girl who sits in the back of class, but there is a lot you don't know about her. She may appear shy but when she steps one foot onto a stage it's like she is a whole...

TIME TO LEARN: 7th grade science teacher Ms.Nardoza shows students a new science website

Who would you choose if you could choose anyone to teach you?

Mikey Reyes and Jaden Campos October 26, 2022

When people get offered to choose their teacher they accept that offer and choose someone that can actually benefit them with fun and knowledge. Students and staff both have a similarity in what their...

MASQUERADE DANCE! Students pose in fun masks!


Olivia Sawicka and Rayan Czerwonka October 26, 2022

With Halloween creeping up, everyone is buzzing with excitement about their costumes, candy, and trick-or-treating with friends. Well, what if you could combine all of those amazing things that make up...

LETS GO WARRIORS: 8th grader NIck Lukachyk in windup getting ready to throw a pitch

WMS baseball team shows determination and motivation

Mikey Reyes, Editor October 14, 2022

WMS baseball coaches have been leading WMS baseball players in every game at WHS or the opposing team’s turf for the 2022 season.  Thanks to the motivation from the coaches and each other the WMS...

WALKING AND SAVING LIVES:WMS students of 2021 walk around for breast cancer awareness

WMS students walk for breast cancer awareness

Ciara Murphy, Editor October 13, 2022

On October 14th there will be a breast cancer awareness walk held by Miss.Nardoza and Mrs.Dymond during fourth block.  The cost for students to participate will be a $5 donation.  Students should...

CHEER TEAM 2021: Last years yearbook photo for the WMS cheer team.

Cheerleaders tryout for cheer squad

Samantha Malltell, Editor October 13, 2022

WMS cheer coaches will host tryouts in the gym at WMS on October 17th to the 19th. Any WMS students interested in cheerleading should wear a t-shirt and shorts or leggings with sneakers. Sweatpants...

OUR LAST DAYS AT WMS! 8th graders say goodbye to WMS in their final days.

The silver lining of a hectic three years

Mandeep Kaur and Niyah M June 14, 2022

The middle school graduating class of 2022 has probably had the most hectic three years of their lives. In September 2019, WMS was under construction. This resulted in all the students being moved to different...

Photo via under the Creative Commons License

Run, Run, Run: Subway Surfers is back!

MC, Editor June 14, 2022

Imagine, you walk through the hallways of your school. You notice that not many kids are looking up or talking to each other, then you hear a student say : “Yes I just got 3 million!” to another student,...

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