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TAKE A LOOK INTO THE NJHS: The new NJHS members gather outside for their induction ceremony

NJHS ceremony inspires first Gathering back at school

Aleeza Raza, Author June 15, 2021

56 students were inducted into the NJHS on May 4th 2021; this joyous occasion took place in the WMS parking lot that afternoon.  Several town officials made speeches during the ceremony including Emily...

MAYBE ONE MORE EPISODE: Take a seat in a comfortable chair and start watching some quality content

Are you still watching? Let’s take a deep dive into streaming services

Alaina Haniff, Editor June 14, 2021

You sit comfortably on your couch. One hand grazes the bowl of salty, buttery popcorn on your side while your other hand grasps the TV remote that scrolls through hours of entertainment, waiting to be...

WMS HAS GOT TALENT: Here are the brave actors in Drama Club, performing on the main steps of Woodbridge Middle

3 Easy Tips to Manage Your Stage Fright

Nicole Vincent, Editor June 14, 2021

Glossophobia, more commonly known as stage fright, is one of the most common phobias in the world with over 73% of the population having to face it. Some people even fear it over death! It is something...

DANCE COMPETITION: This is a picture of me with all of my dance teammates at dance competition right after we were all done dancing.

The Life of A Dancer

Daleanna Corretjer June 14, 2021

Dancing is a challenging sport because with dancing comes emotion, and competition at its most difficult level. Some kids can’t even live without dancing. But competitions are the most nerve-racking...

GINNY, GEORGIA, AND AUSTIN: One of the first scenes we see of the mother-daughter duo, as well as Ginnys brother Austin.

A Review on Netflix’s “Ginny and Georgia”

Janae Li, Editor June 14, 2021

Recently released in February, the Netflix show Ginny and Georgia has since amassed enough pleased viewers that a second season is in the making. Entwined with both teenage and darker drama, the show is...

If The Unholy was a candle, I would blow it out and rather be in the darkness

The Unholy review, is it good or bad?

Nigel Mangal, Editor June 14, 2021

Satan inspired the worst, most offensive, and unscary horror movie of the year so far. The Unholy is a terrible movie with many offensive scenes. It wasn’t long enough and wasn’t scary/gory enough. I...

The Reality Of Online and In-School Learning: Mr. Malmstrom helps his in-person and online students with their article for the Warrior Messenger website!

Our online school experience; life is harder than it seems

Naima Rowe, Author June 11, 2021

As we were just having a normal day, news broke out that a new virus had begun. That virus was named…Coronavirus/Covid-19. We all thought we would have only 2 weeks off of school or work. Who would have...

 THE WMS SPRING PERFORMANCE: Josias Ortiz acting in a skit on the WMS grand staircase at the Drama Club performance two weeks ago.

Josias Ortiz’s passion for acting shines through at WMS

Lexi Morales, Author June 11, 2021

Put yourself in the shoes of a 7th grader trying to figure out who you are as a person and what you're meant to do. Sounds difficult enough, right?  Now take Josias Ortiz, who is having to deal with the...

BUZZ BUZZ: New notification? Or a new text message? The constant distractions of your phone cause people to put things on hault, just to check a message.

Should 9 year olds or younger have a phone?

Nevaeh Manning, Spring Author June 11, 2021

48.33% of the world is known to be an owner of a smartphone and 67.07% own a mobile phone. We’re living in a world full of technology, it’s a necessity for people. Phones help with security for your...


You are doing TV wrong if you haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy

Jackie Berger, Editor June 10, 2021

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest-running medical drama created in 2005 by Shonda Rhimes. Season 17 of Grey’s Anatomy is currently being aired on ABC. This popular medical drama was renewed on May 10th,...

Schools should have more cultural inclusion

Schools should have more cultural inclusion

Abigail Barton, Editor June 10, 2021

Black history is not integrated enough into the American school system; they limit what the whole experience was when it comes to slavery and discrimination against African- Americans.  Many schools only...

Mrs. Burke shows her students a card trick

Mrs. Burke takes a fun twist on virtual learning

Aleeza Raza, Author March 5, 2021

Mrs. Burke, a 7th grade math teacher, takes learning into her own hands by entertaining her class every now and then. It started with a class talent show; her students showed their talents even through...

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