• May 15Dance Company Performance Wednesday 5/22 at 5:30 - Woodbridge Community Center
  • December 21WMS Boys Basketball Plays AMS today at 4:00 in AMS
  • October 16WMS softball team plays Avenel in the playoff game today at WHS, 6:00!
The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

The Warrior Messenger

A girl kneels down in the hallway experiencing a rough day. This would happen less if people opened their heart to kindness.

Your mental health is a priority

Sam Morel, Editor May 24, 2024

I grew up in a family that was solely based on traveling. Every summer there was always a plane ride or somewhere to go. I was always so young that I wanted to remember one thing from each trip. On one...

Mrs. Douglas grades a students paper in Room 320.

Behind The Scenes of Teaching

Jillian Peralta, Author Apr 11, 2024

8 hours a day. 5 days a week.  But it’s actually even more than that. Teachers are constantly on their feet. Planning, teaching, helping students, and grading. Sometimes they are so focused on their...

Student stresses over testing

Is state testing beneficial to your education?

Sayana.R, Author Apr 11, 2024

As a middle schooler, we’re supposed to be learning to socialize, have different experiences, and find our inner selves.  With pretests, LinkIt, state tests combined, students are losing out on at least...

Ashlynn poses for a picture

Advice from 8th graders to future students

Cameron H, Author Apr 11, 2024

Some 8th grade WMS students talk about their emotions on leaving middle school and going into high school. Reflecting on WMS: Many students are looking forward to high school, but there is a lot...

Chilling With Nayon

Nayon H, Author Apr 10, 2024

8th grade students write their articles together at WMS.

Group or Individual Work at WMS

Brian Dwyer and Cody Ulmer Apr 9, 2024

The teacher assigns a task, but students stress about whether doing it by themselves or having a helping hand. The teacher says, “Ok everybody find a partner.” Half the class sprints to their friends...

Art unlocks the door to WMS imagination

Art unlocks the door to WMS imagination

Sophia C, Seiry Collazo, and Alice M Mar 27, 2024

Students at WMS have hidden talents that nobody knows about. Drawing and art are like a window to the soul, allowing us to express ourselves in ways that words cannot. Art is a key that unlocks the door...

Aubrey Petruccelli-Dunn pies Mr.Malmstrom at the WMS Pi Day Assembly

Mrs. Burke organizes Pi Day Assembly

Sayana.R, Author Mar 26, 2024

Woodbridge Middle School celebrates the importance of Pi with an assembly which consists of pie a teacher in the face, a pie eating contest, and having a winner who can recite the most digits of pi.  The...

Raymond Rebovich rolls for WMS bowling team

WMS Boys bowling team finishes in second place

Sincere L, author Mar 26, 2024

The WMS boys bowling team made it to the championship match last week in Woodbridge Township. Although WMS ultimately lost in the championship match, Mr. Maneri said that he felt the season was successful...

Cheerleaders go into a stunt at the girls basketball game.

WMS Cheerleaders go with the power of Warrior spirit

Kamia Jones, Author Mar 26, 2024

Imagine performing a cheer routine in front of hundreds of people at a gymnasium. People are cheering, yelling, and staring. Nerves are through the roof. WMS cheerleaders accomplish this weekly. How much...

WMS girls bowling team with their trophy.

WMS bowling girls team take home another championship trophy

Maitee B., Author Mar 26, 2024

Two weeks ago, the WMS girls' bowling team took first place for another championship this year in Woodbridge township at Majestic Lanes. Mr. Maneri, who is no stranger to the playoffs as a multi-championship...

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