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What are middle schoolers doing with their free time?

Volleyball is one of the many things that have kept me busy!

Haley Carlson, Spring Editor

June 10, 2020

It’s crazy to think that about eighty days ago the citizens of Woodbridge Township went into quarantine. Middle schoolers have been busy with school work the past few months, but with summer approaching, what are they doing with free time?   I interviewed three students in different grades to see what the...

Has safety become too safe for future generations?

Find My is just one of the many apps that parents can use to keep an eye on their children.

Haley Carlson, Spring Editor

May 12, 2020

Society has changed a fair amount over the course of the last three decades, especially when it comes to being a kid. But does today’s generation of kids have less freedom than their parents used to? Do parents today have less trust in their children? This article contains interviews of two different gen...

Exploring the roots of COVID-19

Anouk Miller, Aidan Miller’s mother, Working at home during quarantine

Aidan Miller, Spring Writer

May 7, 2020

The COVID19 pandemic has affected all of us these past few weeks. The United States has the most cases in the world with an overall estimate of 1.25 million. More than half of the world is in quarantine including the United States, Europe, China, and Canada.    Anouk Miller, Aidan Miller’s mother, addre...

Sanders fans still show support despite dropout

Jeffrey De Leon, a Sanders supporter, created a poster in admiration of Bernie Sanders.

Gabriella Rodriguez, Spring Author

May 4, 2020

Bernie Sanders, as of April 8th, 2020, has dropped out of the election. Many of his supporters would have voted for him because of his many policies that would have benefited them like universal healthcare, The Green New Deal, and student loan forgiveness. Bernie Sanders dropped out after a series of l...

What’s The DJ Life Like? DJ Yianni Knows!!!

This is the official DJ Yianni Sweater. It's his favorite sweater and you might see him wearing it when he DJs at a couple parties.

Ioannis Xidias, Spring Author

April 24, 2020

Do you like music? How about making music or messing around with music or making remixes? If you would like to do those things or already know how to do those things, you are considered as a DJ or you should be a DJ. The DJ world always is running with music and parties that make people have a great...

Working while in quarantine

Patrica Rodriguez, a Spanish teacher, grading her student work while practicing social distancing.

Gabriella Rodriguez, Spring Author

April 16, 2020

People are staying in their homes so they could “flatten the curve” and bring down the cases of covid-19. Everyone has been in quarantine for the past three weeks. People have been doing things to pass the time while in their house, including Patricia Rodriguez. Many people have been saying that they have ...

A deep dive into social distancing with Woodbridge locals

Younger brother of WMS student concentrating on distant learning school work.

Megan Shala, Spring Author

April 15, 2020

The COVID19 pandemic has led many people into quarantine and social distancing, including Anthony Shala and Reina Shala, my mother and brother.  This Spring and possibly Summer is being held indoors. Anthony Shala, my older brother, has precautions during the pandemic which are “staying away from peo...

How Competition changed Super Smash Bros.

Professional Super Smash Bros. Melee player Mang0 (black hair and beard) at a tournament. Labeled for reuse via under the Creative Commons License

Andrew Jones, Fall Editor

January 31, 2020

Competition has been in games since they were created. The first commercially successful video game, Pong, is a game where you bounce a ball with a long white bar against another player with the same objective. You score points when the other player misses, and the game essentially goes on forever, but it could be considered as the first offici...

Academic pressure taken too far?

Students stressing out about a based grade on a test.

Gianna Graffeo-Seda, Fall Editor

January 30, 2020

The academic pressure of achieving “good grades” has exponentially grown in recent years, impacting the mental and physical health of students. When many consider a “bad grade anything under an A-.”  At only eleven years old a young girl committed suicide jumping off a eleven story build...

Social media allows WMS students to stay in their safe zone, while still communicating and interacting with others

Picture of an 8th grade student representing teenagers on social media.

Nisha Hodgins, Fall Editor

January 30, 2020

WMS students elaborate on today’s youth obtaining positivity through social media worldwide.  Fiona Van Tassel, an eighth grader, explained that a positive use of social media is how it allows students to “try new things.” Sarah Rasimowicz, WMS eighth grader, agrees it is a way to learn, “t...

Films from the decades

Photo labeled for non-commercial reuse via Under the Creative Commons License

January 30, 2020

Why can’t you give Elsa a balloon? Starting with the 1980’s, which was the “Green Decade.” The movies I chose are The Breakfast Club, Ghostbusters, ET, and Heathers. The most common response WMS students replied with was the film Ghostbusters with a percentage of 40.2. The next common film was...

PSA To all parents! What is strict parenting REALLY doing?

This is a question that must be examined by families everywhere.

Sarah Rasimowicz, Fall Editor

January 30, 2020

When a couple decides to raise a child, they take on a colossal responsibility. With their best interest at heart, parents can invade their child’s life.  Children often wonder: What is going through my parents’ minds when they tell me no? I see no reason I can't do this, so why are they tell...

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