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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

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Art unlocks the door to WMS imagination


Students at WMS have hidden talents that nobody knows about. Drawing and art are like a window to the soul, allowing us to express ourselves in ways that words cannot. Art is a key that unlocks the door to our imagination, revealing the depths of our creativity and the beauty of our inner world.

Jada Delgado, Adriel Velazquez, Kaylee Rodriguez, Sophia Castellanos, Lilliana Manzur, and Dondell Leonard are all examples of our talents at WMS. These people show talents at our school, and can maybe impact the world with their beautiful art.

A fellow 8th grader, Jada Delgado, is an exceptional artist at WMS. She can often be seen with her sketchbook in her classes. 

She had a beautiful message about art. Delgado stated, “Art is how we all express ourselves and perceive it to be.” She also stated, “You can see this completely different thing from what I’m seeing but it still means art to both of us.” 

Delgado said she believes starter artists shouldn’t compare themselves to other artists. She stated, “Don’t compare yourselves to another artist because an artist probably took 8 years to get that [good] when you’re just starting. Just do what you feel is right, paint your emotions, and don’t try to base yourself on anyone else.”

Jada Delgado’s beautiful drawing of a girl with wings

Another talented artist at WMS is Adriel Velazquez, an 8th grader who could be seen drawing at lunch. He wants to be an animation director and maybe do special effects. Velazquez thinks that you need to stay consistent. He stated, “Consistency is key and you get better over time.”

Adriel Velasquez’s drawing of an astronaut frog fishing.

8th grader, Sophia Castellanos is another artist. She specializes in painting and drawing. Castellanos has a unique view of art and believes that art is all about perspective and perception. 

She said, “Art can be seen in different ways and perspectives, but in my perspective, art means to me that you see something and think of something, like a picture of an orange. People might think ‘Oh, that’s just a picture of an orange,’ but it can have a deeper meaning to someone else.”


Sophia Castellanos’s painting of two cherries with eyes. (Sophia C)

Kaylee Rodriguez, an 8th grader at WMS, is an amazing artist, who specializes in cartoon styles. Kaylee wishes to turn her art into a career. She said, “I wish to kind of do something with artistic creative freedom, so I’m going to try to be an artist as a hobby and try to do cosmetology on the side.” 

Rodriguez said she believes that starter artists should ignore negative comments. She stated, “The art community can be pretty harsh, especially to beginners, so just try to ignore it. Listen to the critiques and everything if they have any.”   

Kaylee Rodriguez’s amazing portrait of a person. (Seiry Collazo)

Lilliana Manzur, an artist in the 8th grade at WMS, works really hard on cosmetics and on her drawings in her notebook. She wants to work harder on cosmetology. She normally makes random sketches in her notebooks. Manzur hopes to sell her art one day and focus on cosmetics. 

Manzur feels that people that are starting to do art aren’t bad at all, they just need to practice a lot. She says “You’re not bad, you just need time to practice.” 

Lilliana Manzur’s drawing of a girl posing.

Another fellow artist is Dondell Leonard. He likes to draw realism when he’s bored. He does not want to have an art career but instead, he likes cooking and wants to be a food scientist.

Leonard stated that starters should not give up just because they feel like they’re not good. He said he gave up a lot because he thought he wasn’t good enough, but eventually, he got there, “Don’t give up, when I started drawing I gave up a lot, there have been times when I gave up because I thought I wasn’t good enough, but just don’t give up because eventually you’ll get there.” 

Dondell Leonard’s drawings of cartoons. (Sophia C)




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