Pliés and rond de jambes

Grace Terrell and Tracey Freier

Now that the positions are clear, we can move on to some basic exercises. In class, we usually begin with pliés. Pliés can be done in every position. There are two different types: Demi- and grand.

In a Demi- plié, your heels remain on the ground as you bend your knees, stretching out your claves.

In a grand plié, your heels should remain on the floor until the last second, passing through Demi on the way down and up.

The next “warm up” step, is a Rond de jambe, which to do you just tendu to the front and drag your foot to the side and then the back, returning it to it’s first position.

After you’ve gotten that down, you can attempt a Rond de jambe en l’air, which can be translated to “in the air.” Basically, it’s a Rond de jambe, at least slightly off the ground, but technically as high as possible.