Tracey Freier and Grace Terrell

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There are many jumps in ballet that range in level from easy to challenging. These are four basic jumps used in ballet:
Changement (shanj-mah)
Sauté (so-tay)
Entrechat (ahh-truh-shah)
Échappé (ay-shah-pay)

A sauté is a simple jump where you start from any position, jump straight up in the air, and land again in the same position.

A changement is similar to a sauté, but you typically begin in fifth position, jump straight up in the air, and then land in fifth position again, but with the opposite foot front.

An entrechat is a jump where you beat your legs in the air. A common version of this jump in an entrechat quatre, which is when you start from any position, jump up straight in the air, and then beat your legs quickly back and forth twice. You then land in the same position.

Last is an échappé. These jumps start typically from first or fifth position. You jump in the air and as you are jumping move your feet to second position. You then do the same thing from second position, but move your feet back to first or fifth.

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