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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

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The steps to song-writing !

Picture from Flickr Under the Creative Commons License

The steps to be a songwriter ~ 


  • When I first song-write, the first step I do is I usually like to relate to what happens in my life. Think of both the ups and downs, all songs are unique and different in their own way.

  • Once you pick a feeling or memory you have felt, then come the lyrics. When coming up with the lyrics, what can be helpful to keep in mind is that you can be as specific as you want to be with it. If it’s a specific memory, you can express yourself as much as you have to in the song about the memory. If it’s something you are going through or dealing with, you can express yourself by singing how you are feeling or if it’s about another person, you can write about how you want to be seen as with them.

  • Next, comes the music. This usually comes naturally to you once you have your lyrics. The only problem that can occur (which is a tough one), is once you start to come up with music, you can accidentally start to copy off others, you don’t intentionally want to do it, but it does happen to many people. That’s why it starts hard with music, But really all you need to do is block out the music that you are “copying off” and continue with your way to YOUR MUSIC ! This usually starts with humming or even tapping your pen on a table. Remember, you’re not a professional singer, this is just for fun, so don’t go too deep with noises and sounds, but start with instruments or even just acoustic ! This also goes in between with the lyrics step at times.

  • At last, you have your song completed. This is from my personal experience with writing songs. Everybody has different viewpoints on writing music and different steps to it, but I wanted to share from my personal experience, because I know some people relate to others when it comes to music. I hope this can be helpful to whoever is taking some music advice from me. While you are not at the professional stage of writing music, you can still have as much fun as you want with music, and if you want to continue with music in your life, you go for it ! 



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