Craft of the Week: Valentine’s Day Rose


Jake Dinicola

Roses are red. Violets are blue. We’ll DIY Valentine’s Day for YOU! Final result here.

Jake Dinicola, Author

Do you like to get crafty or have hands of creativity? Then this short section is for you! Every week we’ll do a craft that can either affect your creativity, be used as a decoration and more! For this week, we’ll be making a rose for Valentine’s Day week! With tissue paper, a green pipe cleaner and hot glue! (Regular glue works too, but hot glue dries faster). 


Materials: 2 pieces of red tissue paper, 1 or 2 pieces of green tissue paper, green pipe cleaner, hot glue gun, hot glue, scissors and a paper or a newspaper. (Jake Dinicola).


Step 1: Take your 2 pieces of red tissue paper and cut them in half vertically with your scissors, Then cut them vertically again on the 2 halves. You should see 8 pieces of tissue paper. (Jake Dinicola).


This is where you cut the 2 halves. (Jake Dinicola).


Step 2: Take your 1 or 2 green pieces of tissue paper and cut 6 leaf-like pieces for the leaves with your scissors. (For faster results, place another tissue paper underneath the other one, fold the 2 and cut it. This will make 4 leaves). (Jake Dinicola).


Step 3: Use the hot glue gun and apply a vertical line of glue on the pipe cleaner, Then apply a piece of red tissue paper towards the top of the green pipe cleaner. (Use paper or newspaper as a mess cover). (Jake Dinicola).


Apply red tissue paper here. (Jake Dinicola).


Step 4: Wrap the red tissue paper around the pipe cleaner. Pinch the bottom every time you wrap the tissue paper to keep it stable and form the bottom. Add glue on the red tissue paper when the first is all wrapped up, Then repeat the step another 3 times. (You can wrap as much tissue paper as you like around the rose. Remember, the more tissue paper, the bigger the rose. You can use the remaining red tissue paper as spares, additionals and even to make a duplicate). (Jake Dinicola).


Glue and red tissue should be applied here. (Jake Dinicola).


Rose should look like this. (Jake Dinicola).



Step 5: Attached the leaves to the pipe cleaner with hot glue. (You can attach the leaves anywhere you want, But mostly they should be near the rose head). (Jake Dinicola).


Spiffy and romantic! You’ve created your very own custom rose! Give it to someone you love or like as a late Valentine’s Day gift (Maybe even your CRUSH! S:)). Don’t forget to return the remaining items you’ve found, And dispose of the newspaper and tissue paper. Also remove any hot glue remains from the rose for clean results. Happy late Valentine’s Day! And stay tuned for next week’s craft!