Craft of the Week: Custom Pinwheel


Jake Dinicola

THIS CRAFT IS WHEELY COOL! Final result here

Jake Dinicola, Author

Do you like to get crafty or have hands of creativity? Then this short section is for you! Every week we’ll do a craft that can either affect your creativity, be used as a decoration and more! For this week’s craft, we’ll be making a pinwheel out of crafting paper, hot glue, a pipe cleaner and popsicle sticks! 

Materials: 4 colored construction paper (any of your choice), pipe cleaners, 2 beads, hot glue, hot glue gun, paper (for hot glue messes), 2 popsicle sticks and hole puncher. (Jake Dinicola )


Step 1: Align the 4 colored construction paper and draw a leaf-like design on top of the first paper like this. Cut the paper with your scissors and you’ll see the 4 leaf-like designs. (Jake Dinicola )


Cut result. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 2: Grab your hole puncher and punch a hole through the bottom part of the 4 papers. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 3: Glue using the hot glue gun with the 4 leaf-like designs and align the holes for the next step. (Jake Dinicola)


Assembled result. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 4: Take the pipe cleaner and bend it like this, then apply a bend. Take the leaf-like design and apply it to the pipe cleaner and add another beed to keep it in place. (Jake Dinicola)


Pinwheel should look like this. (Jake Dinicola)


Step 5: Hot glue the 2 popsicle sticks to the front and back of the pipe cleaner. Cut pipe cleaner remains with scissors if the pipe cleaner is too long. (Jake Dinicola )


Pinwheel should look like this. (Jake Dinicola)

Amazing! You’ve created your very own pinwheel! Clean up construction paper, pipe cleaner remains and the hot glue paper, then return your supplies where you found them. When you’re done with that, place your pinwheel on your lawn or backyard and watch it spin with the wind. Or take it with you and spin it with satisfaction. Have a great day, crafters! See you next time!