Craft of the Week: Custom Glasses

Jake Dinicola, Author

Do you like to get crafty or have hands of creativity? Then this short section is for you! Every week we’ll do a craft that can either affect your creativity, be used as a decoration and more! For this week, we’ll be making a pair of glasses using popsicle sticks, beads, and hot glue!

Popsicle sticks, beads and hot glue, DIY to look cool on YOU! Final product here. (Jake Dinicola).


Materials: Paper/newspaper, popsicle sticks, beads, hot glue gun and hot glue. (Jake Dinicola).


Step 1: Use the paper/newspaper as a mess cover. Pick a popsicle stick, two circular beads and one oval bead. Glue the circular beads on the ends of the popsicle stick and the oval in the middle. (Supervision may be required).  (Jake Dinicola).


Step 2: Glue another two circular beads on top of the first two ones. Glue another oval bead on top of the previous one. (Jake Dinicola).


Step 3: Glue another two circular beads on top of the second two beads. Do the same for the oval but turn the bead sideways. (Jake Dinicola).


Step 4: Take 4 popsicle sticks and glue 2 together. Create 2 of these to continue. (Jake Dinicola).


Step 5: Apply the handles at the top circular beads and another popsicle stick to top off the beads. (Jake Dinicola).


Step 6: Apply restrainers at the back of the handles. Glue a circular bead to an oval bead diagonally. Do this twice, then apply. (If the handles are too long, break the second popsicle stick. Then apply restraints). (Jake Dinicola).

Well done! You’ve made your own custom glasses! Don’t forget to clean up glue remnants on glasses, Then dispose of the paper. Put away the hot glue gun, hot glue, beads and popsicle sticks where you found them. When the glue dries, take the glasses and put them on to try, or place them in a safe place like a closet.