Calpurnia EP review

Calpurnia EP review

Alexandra Valentine, Spring Editor

Calpurnia is a Canadian Indie rock band that started in 2017 consisting of members Malcolm Craig, Jack Anderson, Finn Wolfhard, and Ayla Tesler-Mabe. The EP Scout was released June 15th, 2018. The EP consists of six songs; Louie, Wasting time, Greyhound, City Boy, Blame, Waves. Lead singer, Finn Wolfhard stars in a show called Stranger Things on Netflix.


8th grader Chloe Monsanto said she likes the band Calpurnia and is a big fan of one of the members, Finn Wolfhard. She explained how her favorite song on the album is “Greyhound” because she likes the concept of the music video and how “chill” the song is. Although Greyhound is a great song in my opinion, my favorite is “Waves”. “Waves” is a six minute and forty-one second song, but I enjoy how it is one of the calmest songs in the whole EP. When asked what she likes about the band, Chloe replied, “I like that they are all teenagers and are around our age.”


“I think the band is underrated”, said Monsanto. Personally, I think the band is underrated too, mostly because people don’t usually give Indie bands a chance to make their playlists. “If you want to hear something new, stream Scout”, Chloe stated.


The song “Greyhound” includes a catchy guitar solo by Ayla Tesler-Mabe and has an Alternative “feel”. Although “Waves” is a six minute and forty-one second song; it has a mellow tone and is more on the alternative side than rock. The song “Louie” has raspy vocals that surprisingly matches the feel of the song really well. “City Boy” and “Wasting Time” have a lively rock-grunge tone that are perfect for any upbeat playlist. In my opinion, this EP and the band itself are both aesthetically pleasing.


I suggest if anyone wants to give something new a try to stream Scout. I recommend giving the EP a listen if you enjoy the artists Mac Demarco and/or Tame Impala.