Perseverance pays off for September 6th grade students of the month


Mrs. Torrella

6th grade students of the month.

Nisha Hodgins, Fall Author

Sixth grade Woodbridge Middle School students, Krystian Zacios, and Emily Joe were awarded for their perseverance, becoming September students of the month.

Both students, Krystian Zacios, and Emily Joe, explained how “trying your best” is important. “Keep on trying. Even if you don’t think you can do it, you can,” Joe commented. When talking about accomplishing goals, Zacios said to, “follow the goals.” Joe likes to accomplish her goals in another way, “By studying.”

Joe likes to stay positive; “Even if I get a bad grade I know I tried my best,” Joe said. Zacios also shows responsibility when he said, “staying on task” is the key to success.

Joe gave advice to students aiming to be student of the month when she said, “don’t give up on something that is hard.” When Zacios, and Joe were picked for student of the month Zacios described how he felt in one word, “great”.

In his free time Zacios plays soccer, and Fortnite. He said his favorite part of soccer is “doing the the headers”. Joe is a dancer, but she also draws, sings, and acts. “I play with my sibling a lot.” Joe commented.