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The student news site of Woodbridge Middle School

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Ms. Robin the kind hearted custodian

Ms. Robin
Sarah Pachucki
Ms. Robin

Custodians aren’t appreciated enough. Custodians are super important, they clean up after you and the people around you so you have a nice and clean environment. People don’t try to get to know their custodians and often look over them. People never give any thought to throwing garbage on the ground at lunch, probably because they don’t know much about the custodians. We are going to introduce you to a wonderful custodian Ms. Robin.

Ms. Robin is a custodian at Woodbridge Middle School. She has been working as a custodian for 12 years since 2012. Ms. Robin said that she started to work as a custodian in schools for the “township jobs and benefits.” 

Ms. Robin’s favorite part about working at WMS is meeting the students and having great coworkers. Her biggest inspiration is her mother and her granddaughters. Ms. Robin is always in a great and happy mood, she said “Well it’s easy, you have to brush things off your shoulders, you can’t hold stuff in, you have to let it go.” 

Ms. Robin’s family is like most families, “crazy and loving.” Her family has cats, dogs, and kids running around. Ms. Robin said, “I have so many great memories here but one of my favorites was watching the student’s audition for cafe night, I’m also excited for the graduation and everything after that.” Everyone loves Ms. Robin and has so much respect for her.

Ms. Robin isn’t just a custodian, she has a life outside of school. When Ms. Robin isn’t at work she likes to hang out with her friends and her kids. She also likes to go to her favorite spot, the beach. Ms. Robin has a green thumb and likes to plant in her garden. Ms. Robin shared that she is most proud of her children and everything they do. Ms. Robin said, ”My favorite vacation I have been on was St. Thomas, hands down.” She listens to all types of music. Her favorite band is Hootie and the Blowfish.

Head custodian Mr. Jeff said that Ms. Robin is very good at her job and she is very nice. Mr. Jeff stated that he started working with Ms. Robin when he first became a rover about a year and a half ago when she worked at JFK High School. 

Mr. Jeff said, “The funniest moments we have together are when we’re working with each other, we both have a great sense of humor. We always joke around with each other, the kids, and our co-workers.” 

Before Ms. Robin started working at WMS Mr. Jeff was working with another custodian and he was nervous about who was going to replace him. When Ms. Robin came in he was happy because he knew Ms. Robin and she gets her job done and that she doesn’t come up with excuses. He values his relationship with Ms. Robin and loves working with her. 

8th Grade WMS student Jillian Peralta said, “Ms. Robin is a great custodian, she is always taking my garbage, and she is so nice and considerate.” Sometimes when Ms. Robin is collecting garbage Ms. Robin tells her stories about her kids and what she did that week. Peralta also said, “When I had my volleyball jersey on or my cheer uniform on she would always ask me about my games or what’s going on, and she would share her experience.” Peralta also added that she would talk about how she loved to watch volleyball when she was younger.

 During Halloween season Peralta and her lunch table collected Ms. Robin’s favorite candy, Twizzlers and Pez from their candy stash and gifted it to Ms.Robin.

8th Grade WMS student Destiny Perez hasn’t had that many interactions with Ms. Robin but she thinks that Ms. Robin is a nice custodian. Perez said “Every time I would grab little stuff like little garbage on the table and throw it out in the trash cans she would thank me. She seems nice If I’m being honest overall people like her.” 

Even though Perez may not have that many interactions with Ms. Robin she still thinks she is very nice and respectable. 

Ms. Robin is the sweetest person ever, she has been so nice to the students and teachers at WMS. We hope that she will stay as lovely, and continue to have a smile on her face.


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