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Ms. Douglas: A fellow Hufflepuff

Photo from (https://www.rawpixel.com/search/harry%20potter%20public%20domain?page=1&path=_topics&sort=curated) under the Creative Commons License
Photo from (https://www.rawpixel.com/search/harry%20potter%20public%20domain?page=1&path=_topics&sort=curated) under the Creative Commons License

The following is a full transcript of the interview given to Ms. Douglas by Arjan Kaur of The Warrior Messenger about Harry Potter.

ARJAN KAUR: What is your Hogwarts house?

MS. DOUGLAS: I took the Pottermore test and I was placed in the Hufflepuff house.

AK: Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?

MD: I love Snape. So, I feel like the beginning of the series he was always looked at as a villain. But as you read the books or watch the films, you see his character developing so deeply, to when you get to the last film or last book, you realize just how fantastic he really is and how deep he is and how he’s so well thought out and he’s just phenomenal, in my opinion.

AK: How would you describe the Weasley family?

MD: I love the Weasley family. I think that they are your very realistic family, struggling to make ends meet, you have the quirky twins, you have the boys getting in trouble, the one girl who’s sitting with all her brothers. I love how realistic they are.

AK: Who is your favorite Weasley family member?

MD: I go back and forth between the twins and Ginny, cause I think Ginny is so cute and underrated. But the twins are so funny because of all the pranks they play in the school and just how close they are with each other and so I do love them.

AK: Who would you ask to the Yule Ball?

MD:  Oh, who would I ask to the Yule Ball! That’s a great question! I feel like everybody would go with Harry, so I’m going to have to step away from him. This is a great question. Student or professor?

AK: Both.

MD: Oh my gosh! I am stuck with this one. You know, I’m just gonna go with Ron, because I feel like no one would ask him to the ball.

AK: Which Deathly Hallow would you pick?

MD: Oh! That’s a great question! Oh I don’t know! I would have to think about this. Mhm, what would you pick?

AK: I would probably pick the Invisibility Cloak

MD: I was thinking the same thing! That would be cool. I would have to jump on your trail. The Cloak of Invisibility would be fantastic.

AK: Would you play quidditch if you had the chance, or would you be cheering for your house?

MD: I think I would play. I would want to try, to see if maybe that’s where my hidden athleticism is. Yeah, for sure.

AK: What would be your favorite class?

MD: My favorite class would be Potions, I think. Potions would be great, yeah.

AK: Which death in the series did you find the most sad?

MD: Oh. I did cry when Dumbledore died. I feel like I have to whisper, in case it’s a spoiler. But, again, Snape, it was so sad when Snape died.

AK: Who do you think belong together in the series?

MD: I do think Harry and Ginny belong together and I like that they had Ron and Hermione together, I am very pleased with that. I heard rumors where J.K Rowling was considering putting Harry and Hermione together.

AK: I feel like they belong together.

MD: Yeah and at some points they belong but at other times I’m like their very brotherly and sisterly. I think it was okay the way it ended.

AK: Yeah, would you like to add anything else?

MD: No thank you.

AK: Thank you for your time. Have a good day.

MD: Thank you, you too.


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