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Students and advisors give insight to NJHS applications

Paityn Cardona
Ms.Torella, the NJHS adviser, poses for a photo in the WMS guidance room.

The first marking period is almost over as students prepare for NJHS applications at WMS. Students anxiously seek advice for their appeal. But most students don’t know how to get in. If you are looking to get into NJHS then this article is for you!

One of the advisers, Ms.McHale, stated, “You should stay with your studies and do well, you should also make the honor roll status and be also active.” Be active as in participates in school activities. She also stated that they look for “a kind person who wants to excel and share their gifts.”

One of the writing assignments you have to write to get in is an essay about listening which then has to be connected to the pillars of NJHS. The other writing assignment is to create a mentor program for the school, McHale said she loves that one the most because “that’s where they get the most insight from the students.”

Ms. McHale also said that being in NJHS is a good starting point, “Especially if you’re looking to go on to college after high school because what we do having you apply to the NJHS and getting involved. If you’re interested, you can also apply the same way in high school, and then that looks really good on your college applications.”

Another NJHS advisor and guidance counselor, Mrs. Torella, stated that in order to get into NJHS, “You should be in honors classes, you should have good character and leadership.” She also said that you should be “a model student for everyone else.”m

When it comes to the writing assignments Torella stated that you should have a long “thorough” response to whatever the question may be. She also said that you should spell check your work and that, “You shouldn’t have any spelling or punctuation errors.”

The experience of being an NJHS member alone can benefit you in the future. “Just being in the NJHS is a benefit in itself, it helps you to be a well rounded person,” stated Torella.

Ms. McHale and Mrs..Torella also wanted to note that they are just the advisers and that all of the applications are looked at by 5 faculty members, not just Mrs. Torella and Ms. McHale.

Students are also a big part of the NJHS.

8th grade NJHS president, Jillian Peralta, stated that the hardest part of being in NJHS was being, “committed.” Peralta said that she “divides up [her] time in order to handle the responsibilities of taking such an important role in the NJHS.” She also said that she does most of her school work at school and then takes care of anything for NJHS at home.

8th grade NJHS member, Samantha Morel, stated that “being apart of NJHS is being apart of something bigger than yourself.”

But how does she handle the responsibilities that come with being apart of NJHS? Sam stated that she does this by “finding a way to manage her time and have a decent sleep schedule in order to wake up early for the meetings.” She also said, “Staying on top of your grades, doing community service hours, going to after school activities, all leads up to who you are as an NJHS member.”

Morel also stressed the importance of having a good sleep schedule and good eating habits. “You can’t be able to participate in things you want to participate in if you don’t have the energy for it, so that’s why it’s very important to prioritize your sleep and eating,” Morel said.

Morel also stated that she completed the essay last minute. She said, “I just wrote and wrote and the next day I revised.”

Another NJHS member, 8th Grade Sayana Rajan, stated that the hardest part of being in NJHS is keeping up with the meetings and, “waking up at 7:30 to attend the meetings.” She said, “You just have to work hard, it’s not that hard if you just try.”

Rajan stated that she balances school work and NJHS responsibilities by, “Getting NJHS work done first and then doing school work.” She also said, “You just have to work hard and make sure you stay on top of your grades.”

Rajan stated that she wrote what she believed in, “I wrote about a program I would want to be in.”

An additional 8th grader Judy Elshikh stated that the hardest part about being in NJHS is going to the early meetings and, “Keeping up with them.”

She also said that she “makes time for both and after school activities.”

“Being in NJHS is not that hard, I just follow what I’m being told to do and just go with it,” Elshikh said.

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