What are middle schoolers doing with their free time?


Haley Carlson

Volleyball is one of the many things that have kept me busy!

Haley Carlson, Spring Editor

It’s crazy to think that about eighty days ago the citizens of Woodbridge Township went into quarantine. Middle schoolers have been busy with school work the past few months, but with summer approaching, what are they doing with free time?


I interviewed three students in different grades to see what they have been up to and what has kept them busy these past few weeks.


Annabelle Johnson, a sixth grader at SFCS, said, “I would say about two hours a day. Between gymnastics, bike rides with friends, and just hanging out, I spend most of my time outside.” She said this in response to a question about how much time she spends outside.


Johnson also said that she spends about five and a half hours on her phone every day on average. 


She commented, “I recommend that people pick up new hobbies so that you will always have something to do when you are bored,” in response to a question about what people could do with spare time, especially with summer fast approaching.


When Miss. Johnson was asked if she still plays board games, or mostly video games, she responded with, “I like to play video games individually. It’s way more fun to play board games with my family!”


She also said that she was excited to see her friends and family, and is eager to get back to school when quarantine is over.


Delainey Gonzalez, a 7th grader at WMS, said, “I recommend that they go out and get fresh air every once in a while and do a lot of self care,” in response to a question about what she recommends people to do with their spare time, especially since summer is just a few short days away.


Gonzalez also said, “I try to spend about an hour or two outside when the weather is nice,” when asked how much time she spends outside per day.


She also said that she spends approximately twelve hours every day on her phone.


Miss. Gonzalez said, “I like to watch Netflix, go for walks, play with my dogs, anything that can let me have some fun.” When asked what she likes to do with her spare time. 


She said, “I want to go on vacation! Maybe the Dominican Republic!” as an answer to where she was planning on going when quarantine is over.


Hailey Lyman, a graduating eight grader at WMS, said, “Yes, I play softball for Woodbridge Little League and I also dance for about six hours a week at Woodbridge School of Dance,’ in response to a question regarding what sports she does in and outside of school.”


When Lyman was asked how many hours she spends outside, she responded with, “Maybe one or two hours a day, but more on weekends though.


She also stated, “About six hours every day,” when she was questioned on how many hours she uses her phone on average. 


Miss. Lyman said, “Going out with my friends and family, and going to the beach,” when asked what she was most excited for when quarantine is over.


She also said, “Hang out with family, go on walks, and try to make the best of it!” When asked what people should do with their free time with summer quickly approaching.


She also said that she likes to watch tv or go outside in her free time. 


Sadly, this school year has almost come to a close. I would like to thank all of the amazing teachers who have made distance learning possible. Have a great summer everyone, and stay safe!