A deep dive into social distancing with Woodbridge locals


Younger brother of WMS student concentrating on distant learning school work.

Megan Shala, Spring Author

The COVID19 pandemic has led many people into quarantine and social distancing, including Anthony Shala and Reina Shala, my mother and brother.  This Spring and possibly Summer is being held indoors.

Anthony Shala, my older brother, has precautions during the pandemic which are “staying away from people, self isolation, and self-reflecting.”  Shala agrees with citizens working from home. He says, “Any type of production is great production.” Shala also thinks the virus spread more because people were traveling and getting infected.  “We are going to have to do our best to adjust to our new lifestyles.”

News sources have announced that America has the most COVID19 cases in the world.  Reina Shala, my mother, says, “I feel that this could’ve been avoided.” Shala’s changes for this pandemic are “cooking from home more, cleaning the house often, and making sure everything is sanitized.”  Her tips for people bored at home in quarantine are “read a great book, meditate, clean, prepare healthy meals, play games, or watch a movie.”

To keep this quarantine eventful yet clean, follow the tips given.  There might not be much to do, but it’s more important to be healthy.  As the High School Musical movie once said, “We’re all in this together.”