Working while in quarantine


Patrica Rodriguez, a Spanish teacher, grading her student work while practicing social distancing.

Gabriella Rodriguez, Spring Author

People are staying in their homes so they could “flatten the curve” and bring down the cases of covid-19. Everyone has been in quarantine for the past three weeks. People have been doing things to pass the time while in their house, including Patricia Rodriguez.

Many people have been saying that they have been feeling bored or have been feeling lonely while in their house. Patricia Rodriguez, an eighth-grade Spanish teacher, says she tries to exercise every day, so she’s busy and not thinking about how she stays in the house every day.

Other individuals believe that taking drastic measures will prevent them from getting the virus. Rodriguez says she doesn’t take “drastic” measures, but when she comes home she “automatically changes clothes and takes off her shoes. She also washes her hands often.”

Rodriguez said she wants to leave the house, but knows it’s better not to. For example, she said, “I would like to see my daughter who I haven’t seen in weeks because she lives in Newark and [she] believes it is best not to come.”

People during quarantine miss their everyday routine. Many individuals said that they feel “trapped” in their homes and “bored” because they have nothing to do. Rodriguez said she misses her “routine and every day doing something different.” 

She continued, “It’s the same thing over and over again. And it’s getting hard to maintain a positive mindset.”