Social media allows WMS students to stay in their safe zone, while still communicating and interacting with others


Nisha Hodgins

Picture of an 8th grade student representing teenagers on social media.

Nisha Hodgins, Fall Editor

WMS students elaborate on today’s youth obtaining positivity through social media worldwide. 

Fiona Van Tassel, an eighth grader, explained that a positive use of social media is how it allows students to “try new things.” Sarah Rasimowicz, WMS eighth grader, agrees it is a way to learn, “they can see beauty gurus and learn how to do makeup.” Dwayne Mendonca also proves social media can be an education tool by saying, “many crucial things are on the internet.”

Social media also provides communication. “It helps people connect,” Dwayne Mendonca comments. He adds how it is “pretty dangerous” outside, and how social media can provide a safe place to communicate. WMS seventh grader believes the same, saying it allows people to “communicate easier.”

 Rasimowicz describes the duality of social media, “The generation we’re growing up in is very social, but antisocial at the same time. We can talk and interact with each other while staying in our safe zone.”

If people are shy or antisocial, texting can help them communicate. It allows people to make progress without completely getting out of their comfort zone. Eventually texting can be translated to face-to-face conversations.

Social media can be quite negative, if not used correctly. Social media should be introduced to kids at the correct time. Rasimowicz believes, “It would probably brainwash, for a lack of better words, kids into thinking it’s the only way to communicate.”

People should know how to “limit” themselves, Mendonca states. It is important to keep limitations, so it doesn’t become addicting. When social media becomes addicting, people’s lives start to revolve around it. If people’s lives revolve around social media, they are destined to experience negatives.

Instead of making social media one’s life, it should be a small part. It should be able to boost confidence and positivity, without dramatic negatives.

Social media is meant to be positive, and isn’t a place to seek validation. If someone is feeling down, one of the last things they should do is try to cheer themselves up with social media like Snapchat, or Instagram. It will ultimately make them feel worse about themselves, seeing other people’s happy posts.

“Hurt people hurt people” is a mantra people should follow when using social media. If someone is hurt and goes on social media, they are so many people that they can hurt. This is why it is important to get off of social media, when you are feeling down. You might end up hurting someone, and ultimately contributing to the negatives of social media.

Overall, social media can provide a positive outlet for those who don’t have one. It allows people to communicate, discover hobbies, and even learn. When introduced at the right age, social media can impact one’s life in a beneficial manner. It should be limited, and should not be used when one is upset.