The Rule of One -Book Review

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Candace Pinto, Fall Author

The Rule of One is a Science Fiction and Dystopian Fiction that takes place in the future of the USA. This book is full of rollercoasters like thoughts and tons of drama.

The Rule of One is a rule that is implemented so each family of the USA can only have one kid and it’s illegal to have any more. The head of the division, Mr. Goodwin, who is in charge of making sure no family in Texas has two kids actually has twins. He keeps them secret for eighteen years until Governor Roth gets word that he had another kid. Mr.Goodwin has to stay, but Ava and Mira now are on a mission to make it to Canada where they can be caught for being illegal.

This book is the greatest book of all time. There is so much drama and emotions filled in this book.The book is written from multiple points of view,. alternating between Ava and Mira. They both want to get Ross for separating them from there father who was their only parent. Their mother Lynn dies when they are born so their dad becomes the only parental figure in the house.

The authors of the book Leslie and Ashley Saunders wrote this book with the thought of China’s one child rule.  “We did a lot of research about that, and we just thought about how such governmental power could be in the hands of a few, and how they might use climate change as a way to gain power and to scare the masses into a surveilled state, getting microchipped …” This shows what thoughts and ideas they had in mind while planning/writing out the book.

I recommend this book to people who want craziness and drama. This book would be for 6th grade and up. I would only recommend this book for that grade because they do use a few strong words in the book and the book uses strong vocabulary that is hard to understand.

So please before you check out this book ask your parents because they use strong words in the book. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the book and the second book is The Rule of Many.