Is WMS worth the wait?


Welcome Back Warriors sign

Alaina Haniff, Fall Author

The current 7th graders at Woodbridge Middle School have never experienced a time when there wasn’t construction. This year, to finalize the construction, every grade had to go to different schools, but now everyone is back and the part of the school that is done has never looked better. 

Most of the 7th graders here at WMS like being back. One 7th grader, Nicole Vincent said, “I love being back.” Others agreed by saying that it was “fine” and “good to be back.”

Coming back to a new school can be different. First of all, no one really knows where to go. Some people can easily find their way around places, but some can’t. It was a mixed opinion when it came to the question of whether or not the 7th graders could find their way around the school. Vincent said, “On the first day it was hard, but now no.”

Since the 7th graders had to go to Colonia High School, they haven’t met the new 6th graders. One 7th grader said, “ They seem nice, but I haven’t interacted with them a lot.” Others said that they seemed to be “polite”, but also “loud.”

Since the construction took the old gym away, the gym teachers had to improvise and gym usually consisted of things like ping pong, air hockey, or just plain sitting around. The locker rooms were also taken with the gym. So, before this the 7th graders have never used a locker room. Vincent said that she would feel “uncomfortable” when she does use them. The other 7th graders agreed and said that they would prefer not to change in front of other people. 

Now that the 7th graders are back, they finally have a gym. Some of the students say that they prefer sitting around in the Cafeteria, but some say that they prefer playing knockout in a new gym. 

The new school has brought great new additions to the school. Some of the students favorite parts included the touch screen white boards, office chairs, and even the lights. The 7th graders said that the new additions were “good”, “nice”, and “cool.”

The 7th grade teachers were always saying that the students could learn about High School from being at CHS. Some of the things that the students said they learned were that they have bigger lockers and no dressing up for Halloween. 

Since the 8th and 6th graders got the principal and vice principal to direct their temporary schools, the 7th graders got Mr. Keuscher, the 7th grade Civics teacher. The 7th graders had nothing bad to say about him. A 7th grader said, “He handled the kids, but he was also fun.”

Not everything in WMS is finished. One 7th grader said, “The stairs are dirty. I want them clean.” Another said, “Make the school less white. It looks too formal.”

Almost everything in the school is white; the walls, ceilings, and the floors are all white. Some students have said that it looks like an “asylum or a hospital.” However, as time goes on decorations will make it look more like a school.

The 7th graders still don’t have lockers and have to carry around their items. Everyone agrees that they want lockers soon.

When the students at WMS were attending different schools, they had to be bussed to them. The 7th graders thought that this was “fun.” One 7th grader said, “It gave me time away to talk and stuff.” Vincent added, “It was a new experience because I never took a bus before.”

Overall, half of the 7th grade students prefer WMS. The other half of them prefer CHS.

Students weren’t the only ones to be forced to go to school in a different place. The teachers were also affected. 

Since, they were in a whole different school, they had to teach in temporary classrooms. Mr. Guidetti said, “I was uncomfortable. I was in my room for seven years, so I felt like a visitor at CHS.” Mr. Malmstrom said that last year there was a lot of construction and they already had to share their rooms, so it wasn’t too different. It wasn’t too bad when he moved.

The teachers said that it wasn’t hard to find their way around the school because it’s basically the same. The only thing different was that they added a new section. 

The teachers also agreed that working at WMS is easier than CHS. Malmstrom said that it feels more like “home.” Malmstrom also added that it’s easier now. Malmstrom explained, “The block is longer, I have a library, and most of the class is digital.”

The touch screen boards were a nice addition to our school. The teachers agree. Malmstrom said that he hopes to learn more.

Mr. Guidetti said that he prefers WMS. Mr. Malmstrom said, “ Being at CHS was like being on a vacation, but you always want to go home.”

Mr. Keuscher, the temporary principal said that while being a principal, his favorite part was that he “could help more kids.” Keuscher said that he would rather be a principal because of this.

Keuscher said that if he had the option, he would teach a different grade for a new experience. He added that he loved 7th grade too. 

Keuscher said that on his first day of being principal of the 7th graders he was “apprehensive”, but “enthusiastic.”

Keuscher said, “I like WMS, but I enjoyed enjoyed our visitor school, CHS.”

Although everyone is still adjusting, everyone is happy to be back. The general consensus amongst students is that the second semester at WMS is going to be fun and worth the wait.