Was the Winter Spectacular actually Spectacular? Yes!

Brianna L. and Candace Pinto

On the half day before Winter Break, the seventh graders at Woodbridge Middle School got the treat of having a ‘Winter Spectacular’ at Colonia High School. The Winter Spectacular was a pep rally/talent show. 


One of the acts was Stephanie Stetson, Anthony Smith, and Erika Olea Avila who all performed Billie Eilish’s ‘I love you’. They did an amazing job and got a huge applause. Then Isabella Alvarez sang “Last Christmas” by WHAM! The song got the audience interacting by having them clap along to the beat. I don’t think this was a planned act, but Mr. Salinas’s singing was entertaining for us all. He sang a good amount of songs and the seventh grade got involved by singing along, well more like screaming along. Colonia High School’s band played “Let it Go” and the entire grade practically screamed the words.  

This picture was taken by Candace Pinto

Isabella Alvarez explained what it was like to perform in front of the entire 7th grade,, “It was interesting. I was nervous at first, but then I was excited.” She was then asked if this was her first time performing in front of an audience, she responded with, “No, I’ve been performing in fron tof people since I was a little kid.” Alvarez then stated that she enjoyed the Winter Spectacular,, “The movie could’ve been better, but it was good. It got everybody involved.”


At the WInter Spectacular they set up games that got the students hyper and involved. The first game they played was The Toilet Paper Snowman. This game is played with four or more people. There has to be an even amount of players because everyone needs a partner. One person would be getting wrapped in toilet paper by the other person.  In the game they have a time limit, which is normally around three to five minutes. The person that is able to wrap their partner the most, wins. 

The next game was, ‘Can You Guess the Song?’ This game requires a group of two or more people. One person would hum a song and the other person would have to guess it. The person who guesses the song correctly, gets to go next and the ’hummer’ becomes a guesser. 

Guitar Battle

One of the acts or talents, was a guitar battle. The battle lasted about seven to ten minutes. It consisted of Mr. Keuscher and Mr. McGuire. The took turns doing a solo and in the last two minutes conjoined and did one song. Most of the srudents agree that Mr. Keuscher won. 


First we have Olivia L. Her favorite song that was played was “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey. When asked if she enjoyed the Halloween dance more, or the Winter Spectacular she responded with, “The Halloween dance because I got to talk to my friends.” 

The next person was Ioannis Xidias. When asked what his favorite game that was played was, he answered, “The Toilet Paper Snowman because when Mr. Murphy joined in, it was funny.” He carried on with, “I liked the Halloween Dance better because my friend was trying to teach me the dance to ‘Cotton Eyed Joe’ and it was fun.” His favorite song as well was, “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah Carey. 

Another 7th grader, Nick Gomes, explained his favorite act of the day, “Mr. Keuscher playing the guitar.” His favorite game that was played was, The Toilet Paper Snowan. When asked why, he said it was “funny”. 

7th grader, Ruth Mathew, said she liked the idea of the Winter Spectacular due to the fact “we didn’t have to do any work”. Her favorite game was The Toilet Paper Snowman, as was everybody else’s. Kenza Kharbouch and Lila Ulmer hold the victory of The Toilet Paper Snowman game. When asked who Mathew thought won the guitar battle, Mr. McGuire or Mr. Keuscher, she chose Mr. Keuscher. 

7th grader, Reily Kaschack responded with, “I thought it was something fun for us to do instead of work,” when asked about the Winter Spectacular. Her favorite song they played was “Jingle Bells” and her favorite game they played was Guessing the Song.

Highlights from the event were Mr. Keuscher winning the guitar battle, the best game played was the Toilet Paper Snowman, and the best song played was Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”. The Winter Spectacular was a huge hit for the seventh graders at Woodbridge Middle School due to the fact we did no work and were able to celebrate the holiday season despite not having a school.