Vice Principal boosts student ebullience


Mr. Harris speaks at the pep rally

Vice principal, Mr. Harris, provided his opinions on the pep rally held in the auditorium on September 30 to recognize sports teams, teachers, and students of the month.

Mr. Harris participates in Teacher Trivia with MC Blasena

During the pep rally, there was a contest called Teacher Trivia that helped the students learn more about them and they had a chance to win prizes by matching the correct teacher with a talent or hobby. Mr. Harris said it was excellent, “it was fun and the kids were excited.” The students were thrilled to have their seat number picked to go up to the stage.

The baseball and softball teams were introduced during the pep rally.  Mr. Harris said the pep rally helped motivate the teams, “they both won their games, because the pep rally got them energized.”

The students who earned special recognition and student of the month were also introduced at the pep rally, as well as teacher of the month for each grade. He said, “I think it was good that we did it during the pep rally. It made the whole school know their names, and it [helped] the teachers and students know they’re doing a good job.”

Mr. Harris was pleased with how the pep rally went, and says there will be more throughout the year, “encouraging school spirit and bringing the students and teachers together.”