Spoiler Free Frozen 2 Review (The world still hasn’t let it go!)

Photo labeled for non-commercial reuse via https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archivo:Frozen_2_soundtrack.png under the Creative Commons License

Photo labeled for non-commercial reuse via https://es.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Archivo:Frozen_2_soundtrack.png under the Creative Commons License

Gabriella Lugo, Fall Editor

Frozen took the world by storm in 2013 and just as we got out of Frozen Fever, Frozen 2 was released. Concern swept the Frozen community at how the sequel would hold up to the original. Here I have my review of Frozen 2 and how it held up to its predecessor. 

Frozen 2 wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t fantastic either. I enjoyed different aspects of Frozen 2 more and other aspects less than the original. Let’s begin with the overall plot of Frozen 2! I thought the plot was very easy to figure out. It took everyone by surprise and shock when Hans was revealed to be the villain of Frozen, but in Frozen 2 there really wasn’t a big shocking reveal like that. There are definitely some things about characters that are interesting, but they aren’t exactly shocking. They give too much information in the beginning. Characters were also added or given larger roles than they really needed. They weren’t exactly needed and made me a bit bored. Some scenes in the movie also made it feel quite slow, which was a bit annoying. I’d give the plot two snowflakes out of five. 

One thing I did enjoy was the world building aspect of this movie. I loved it to bits! Viewers will discover so much about this magical and mystical world and you can’t help but get this funny feeling. The feeling that you have a destiny and are born to do great things. The visuals of the movie look stunning and some scenes truly do look real! Disney decided to use the effect that they used when making the water in Moana and I must say it looks absolutely phenomenal. This definitely helped when the plot was slow because I was able to focus on the beauty of the animation. The movement was so fluid and natural! The detail on Olaf is incredible as well and I couldn’t stop looking at it. When it comes to characters in the background however, I really couldn’t tell them apart. But that is really my only complain about visuals so I’m giving the visual aspect of the movie four out of five snowflakes! 

One aspect that really added to the feel of the movie was the music. Frozen 2 really knocked it out of the park with the score and soundtrack for the movie. I can’t get enough of it and play it a lot. I love one of the first songs, which is a lullaby that Anna and Elsa’s mother sang to them when they were children. It’s called “All is Found” and though it’s the main reason I found the plot out early, I love it beyond any and all reason. The song is so meaningful and beautiful and I just love it. I honestly could go on for hours being a huge fan and nerd over this song. Then you have the best song in this whole movie and the entirety of Disney, “Into the Unknown”. I will forever praise this song because it is so powerful! It reaches out to so many people because it really is relatable. As a member of the lgbtq+ community, I relate to the song on numerous levels. On top of that in the end credits of the movie, Brendon Urie is singing it! Brendon freaking Urie! I love both versions of the song and highly suggest you listen to it. The music gets five out five snowflakes! 

Overall, the movie was pretty good! I highly suggest watching it to appreciate the art, music, and world building. Honestly, I think this is what the movie is. I think that the movie’s point was to expand the world and maybe set the stage for a third Frozen movie! As I said, interesting new things are learned about these widely loved characters and a new ending is set. Or perhaps this movie is setting the stage for a new beginning? Either way, I greatly enjoyed the movie. It was definitely better than most Disney sequels but delivered the quality of art and music that we all expect from the incredible company.