Is Marvel DC’s Kryptonite?

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Labeled for non-commercial reuse via under the Creative Commons License

Alaina Haniff, Fall Author

One of the most debated topics is which superhero universe is the best. The top two contenders are DC and Marvel. 

People like 7th graders, Isabella Alvarez and Hassan Boniface said that they prefer Marvel, although they had different reasons for liking it. Alvarez said that she likes Marvel because of the actor that portrays spiderman, Tom Holland. Boniface simply said, “I like Marvel because it has better superheroes.” Other people like 7th grader Rosemary Bromirski, prefers DC. She says that she likes DC mainly because of Batman. 

Although Alvarez likes Marvel she admitted that she enjoys Wonder Woman too. Bromirski also said she enjoys watching The Hulk. Also, Alvarez and Bromirski agreed that if they were in danger, the DC universe would be most likely to save them. Alvarez believes it would be because of Superman, while Bromirski believes it would be because of Batman. Boniface believes that Marvel could save him “one hundred percent because of Captain America”. 

Another popular debate is about who is the best Batman. There have been many different actors that have portrayed him over the years. Ranging from Lewis Wilson’s 1943 version to the future Batman, Robert Pattinson. Bromirski and Alvarez both thought that Ben Affleck played him best. But, Boniface thought that Christian Bale was the best. Honestly, I agree with Boniface. 

Everything has its flaws, including Marvel. Bromirki said it “bores me” and Boniface said, “Sometimes the plot is stupid. Like, why didn’t Thor just cut off Thanos’s head? Why didn’t they just chop Thanos’s hand off?”

DC also has its flaws. Alvarez said, “DC just takes everything from Marvel and makes it weird.” Boniface said, “It just doesn’t interest me as much as Marvel.” 

When asked what superpowers they would have, it ranged all the way from teleportation to super-speed. Also, when asked what superhero name they would have, it ranged from their everyday names to new names such as Quicksunny.

I feel like the old DC universe is better than the new one. The movies like the Dark Knight trilogy were enjoyable, but Marvel movies now have taken over the world. Avengers: Endgame even became the highest grossing movie of all time, passing the 2009 movie, Avatar. As of July 2019, it has made about $2.79 billion dollars worldwide. 

DC and Marvel are better in different ways. I think that the DC TV shows are better. Such as Young Justice or all of those Justice League shows. But, when it comes to Marvel their movies dominate. The DC movies are serious, but the Marvel movies have a bit more humor. Marvel’s special effects are great too and their battles leave me on the edge of my seat.