Only a few days left until the “WMS 7th Grade Winter Spectacular”

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Lila Ulmer, Fall Author

Mr. Keuscher announced that on Monday, December twenty-third, a winter assembly will be held. There will be various activities for students. It will be in the Colonia High School auditorium.

The assembly, also dubbed “WMS Seventh Grade Winter Spectacular” will also have a talent show, and various activities which haven’t been revealed. It’s not certain that we’re doing them, but we hope! The deadline for signing up to display your talents has passed, but many students will perform. The acts will include many talented singers! When the show was first brought up by Mr. Keuscher at the seventh grade lunch, many kids were eager to sign up. Index cards with names and talents filled the room.

Keep your behavior on point though, because if the students misbehave, it’s back to the classroom for boring old work. Would you rather have fun at a show, or do algebra? I thought so. When that news was delivered, the gym went silent. (except for the chatter of high schoolers in the background, but we’ll ignore that.)

The students think that the Winter Spectacular is an amazing idea! One student said, “It’s gonna be great with Christmas spirit”. Another said, “It’s better than doing work”. When asked if they could an activity to the assembly, one kid said she’d like to see Just Dance. Both interviewees said that the punishment for misbehaving, which is going back to class and doing work, is completely fair.

It will take place on Monday, December twenty-third. Christmas Eve, Eve. Although many students will be absent, from what I’ve heard, it’s going to be a fun time full of music and holiday cheer. See you there!