Disney + a good time: What WMS thinks about Subscription Services


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Andrew Jones and Dwayne Mendonca

From the golden standard of Netflix to the in vogue Disney+, subscription services are definitely a trending topic. With many new subscription services popping up left and right, it’s getting difficult to find the perfect one for you. We here at the Warrior Messenger will list some of the pros and cons of certain subscription services, and if they’re worth the price.


Netflix is the most recognized subscription service, having over 158 million current subscribers. It’s frequently heralded as the best service with its wide array of movies and shows, even considering it’s steep price of $13 a month. It supports both monthly and annual subscriptions, which was quite the divisive topic with interviewees. Out of all of the people interviewed, it was a 50/50 split on the debate of monthly or annually subscribing to services. The question about price was much more one-sided, with only one person feeling the price was justified – a measly 14%.


Hulu is an on-demand video subscription service with over 25 million subscribers. Hulu primarily supports TV shows and its own content rather than things such as movies and documentaries. Hulu has a function where you can pay for the standalone On-Demand service with ads for a cheap $6 a month, a whopping 54% cheaper than Netflix, and if you’re willing to spend six extra dollars you can get Hulu On-Demand without ads for $12 a month, which still beats out Netflix’s default plan price.


Spotify is a streaming service exclusively for audio content such as music, radio stations, and podcasts. The service itself is free, but for a premium version without ads and unlimited skips, you’re going to have to pay $10. It has one of the widest libraries of music, only in competition with Apple’s music based subscription service, Apple Music. It supports uploading your own songs via the computer, so you can even add personal favorites that haven’t been uploaded onto Spotify yet. It has stats for all of your favorite artists, like monthly streams, and world rankings. The service had 113 million users as of the third quarter of 2019.

Disney+ (D+)

One of the newest and more popular subscription services is Disney+. It allows its subscribers to watch many popular shows and movies. A monthly subscription for Disney+ will costs $7 while the annual subscription is $70. There’s also a bundle that includes D+, Hulu, and ESPN for $13/monthly. Disney+, like most other services, offers a free seven day trial so you’re able to find out if you’d be interested in the service. D+ has a variety of options to watch such as Disney, Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and National Geographic. Disney+ seems to be WMS’s favorite subscription service, with it being frequently talked about among the school. Out of the people we interviewed, 83% stated they enjoyed Disney’s subscription service.

Overall, WMS seems to be friendly with the idea of subscription services. The overall reception of Disney+ is seeming to be overwhelming positive, and it’s interesting to see how the industry for these services will evolve in the upcoming years.