Photo labeled for non-commercial reuse via  Under the Creative Commons License

Photo labeled for non-commercial reuse via Under the Creative Commons License

Megan Boyle, Fall Editor

Would you ever think that people fear speaking more than anonymously texting? In society today people think that it’s better to talk over social media and especially the anonymous parts. People tend to think that texting anonymously is better because they think that they won’t get caught if they say rude things. 

I created an anonymous survey about cyberbullying to understand the topic better.

When I interviewed people face to face, nobody cared about it and they only provided one word responses. Then II sent out the survey to Twitter and got over 50 lengthy responses.

Do Apps = Bullying?

There is an app called YOLO, which is anonymous texting. People can say anything they want without restrictions.  This is one of the many apps that leads to cyberbullying. There was a response on my survey that resonated with me, “On Snapchat or tik tok because a lot of people are on those apps and probably get made fun of because of their video.” Society today thinks that it is okay to make fun of other people for what they post. I think that is rude because we are just showing our creativity with the people who like us and want to be our friend. There is no need to put other people down. Another app where cyberbullying is prevalent is Twitter. Another person said “[on]Twitter there [is] some toxicity.” 

This is a good example because on Twitter there are absolutely no restrictions. People can say whatever they want, unless they get reported. I like the report, delete, remove friends, and block button so much because it gets rid of all negativity people spread. People on any social media apps can make fake profiles and pretend to be someone to put down others. As crazy as it sounds, it happens most of the time. Just watch the movie Cyberbully. The movie was about how a girl tried to commit suicide because she was getting tortured on social media and her “best friend” also faked an identity to torture her. That is really sad that people still do that. That is why I think people should only have one or two close friends. Not just someone you met within that week and have so much in common. You never know what they say about you.

Another question from the survey was, “If you could give some advice to victims of cyberbullying then what would you say?” One response was, “I would say delete the app or don’t accept people that aren’t your close friends, be nice to everyone and don’t turn into the bully yourself.” This response was my favorite because most people who are bullied, especially cyber bullied, turn into the bully themself because they feel better by tearing other people down. Just like how people tore them down. Most cyberbullies use anonymous chatting because they are cowards and can’t be bold enough to say it to someone’s face. So if you are being cyber bullied, just know that you are the stronger person because they are too scared to say it to your face.

How To Improve The Issue

I asked in the survey, “What do you think is the best way to avoid cyberbullying?” Some responses I got back were, “Not to interfere with drama so people don’t attack you” and “the best way to avoid cyber bullying is to PRESS the BLOCK or IGNORE button. I love to use the DELETE button too.” Those two examples are what I think is the best way to avoid the issue.

Once you remove the negativity from your life you will feel happy and free again. Trust me, I promise you will feel better within a few days