*Insert Creative Title Here* : An Examination of Creativity


Luke Vazquez, Fall Editor

The Wikipedia article for creativity states, “Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.” While this may be true, many people think the true meaning of creativity is different for everyone. 

I decided to ask some fellow classmates at WMS for their opinion on the topic, and I got a wide variety of answers. When asked, “What do you think makes a person Creative?” Drew Lukachek answered, “If you think outside the box and if you think of new ways to do something.” 

When the students were asked if they think creativity can be taught, we got an array of different responses. Some students, such as Lucas Agbejemesin, James Fudge, Dean Fiore, Drew Lukachek, and Micah Eason said that a person is born with it, and it can’t be taught. While others, such as Brianna Vargo, Justin Boisvert, and Javin Nergon believe that it can be taught, but some people are born with creativity naturally. 

James Fudge stated that a good way to teach kids creativity are through video games, such as “Minecraft”. Studies from Iowa State University show that James is right. Video games like Minecraft can improve creativity under certain circumstances. Other ways to improve creativity can include music, cooking, and art. While people can be born with natural creativity, people can always improve their creativity.

Creativity can be a huge advantage in the real world, whether it be looking for a job or pursuing something you’re passionate about. When asked if they would look for creativity when hiring clients in the future, 90% of students said they would. As Justin Boisvert would put it, “Their ideas would be in better shape” then someone without creativity.

While creativity’s meaning is different for everyone, one thing is for certain. Creativity will help you reach new heights in life, whether it be in education or in the “real world.” It allows people to express themselves through different forms, and brings out artistic ability in many people. Creativity is a great skill to have, and there are many different ways to show it.