Chocolate fundraiser just keeps getting sweeter


Candace Pinto

Picture of the World’s Finest Chocolate Box

Candace Pinto, Fall Author

The World’s Finest Chocolate fundraiser was a big hit at WMS and got a lot of kids hyper. Thank you to the PTO for organizing such a great and fun fundraiser. 

This fundraiser got more kids involved than Gertrude Hawk. Students at WMS were not shy when it came to sharing their opinions. Tyler Boelhower said, “Definitely, they got more kids engaged because it’s something that kids our age are interested in and it’s a way to have fun while raising money.”Gianna Chuffo and Addison Calabrese added, “They got us engaged by more prizes and a lot more stuff to do.” The overall impression made from the interviews is that they got more kids engaged because there were prizes involved.

There were lots of prizes to give away here. I won the basketball game and the phone squirt, which I’m very happy about. I asked around what the students of WMS wanted to win. Jayden Mance said, “I just wanted to win the basketball game.” Keira Caverly commented, “I don’t really care.” This comment was way different from many other student responses. I thought kids were only doing this because of the prizes, but here we are.

For me, the chocolates were actually really hard to sell. My parents bought the first one. I wanted another prize, so I took out another box and I procrastinated until the night before the money was due. I had to ask my parents again for $60 and they were not happy with me. Everyone I interviewed said “no” or “not really” when asked if the chocolate was difficult to sell.  I guess a lot of people liked the chocolate, I mean it is called World’s Finest Chocolate for a reason. 

My final question was if you could create any type of chocolate what would you create? Addison Calabrese and Gianna Chuffo came up with a great idea too, Caramel Wafers. That is getting me hungry for some World’s Finest Chocolate. Actually, half of the people I interviewed came up with something with wafers.  Tyler Boelhower cooked up an idea that was really delicious, Peanut Butter Wayfarers. Jayden Mance combined all three types to make one epic one. Milk, caramel, and dark chocolate, that actually sounds pretty good. 

Overall I’d say the fundraiser was a huge success.