Vine’s coming back? Uh yeah I sure hope it does

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Alaina Haniff, Fall Author

Vine used to be a comedic app where people could share hysterical ideas. But as of 2017, it has been shut down. The creators said that Vine Two would come out in January 2019, but it never did.

Eight out of twelve people believe that Vine should come back. 7th grader Keira Caverly, said, “It was a good platform. It was artwork. There were many icons. It was iconic.” Although people like Adrianna Popovich believe that Vine shouldn’t come back. Popovich thinks that it’s going to get “ruined”. She also thinks that people will take the good vines and recreate it so much that they overuse it. Another 7th grader even said, “Although I remember very little about Vine, I remember it being a positive app that people would post funny, short videos on.”

Not a lot of people know how Vine actually got shut down. It actually was bought by Twitter and then Twitter shut it down. Caverly even said, “Someone stupid made a stupid decision.” 

Seven out of twelve people said that they would use Vine if it did come back. Brenda Gonzalez said, “Although I would get it, I would just use it to watch other people.” A lot of people said that they would use it just to laugh and see how it turned out. 

Some people say that TikTok has filled the Vine-sized hole in our hearts. This is a heavily debated subject. It’s mostly divided half and half. Some people believe that TikTok has replaced Vine and some don’t. Popovich explained that she has seen Vine type jokes on TikTok.

Another divided topic is if people would rather have Tik Tok or Vine. This was also a half and half response. 

Eleven out of thirteen students said that they think people would be happy if it came back. The other two said that “maybe” they would be happy. So, technically no one out of thirteen people said that the people wouldn’t be happy. April Chang, a 7th grade student,  stated that it was “historical” Gonzalez also said that it was “nostalgic.” 

Thirteen out of thirteen people say that kids now would ruin it. Popovich said, “Peer Pressure would be the reason of course.” Caverly said, “Kids now think that it’s cool, but it’s cringy. They will ruin the old iconicness.”

If it does come back the problem is if it will get shut down again. Popovich said, “I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.” Gonzalez said that it doesn’t have any “popularity.” But, Caverly thinks that it’s going to be “successful.”

Some of the people’s favorite Vine references were, “I can’t swim.”, “Road work ahead? Uh yeah I sure hope it does.”, “Ah, I could’ve dropped my croissant.”, and “Hi welcome to Chilis.”

Although Vine is shut down most people are hoping and praying that it does come back. Hopefully it does, but who knows?