Social Media; safe or dangerous?

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Ashley Gomez, Fall Author

Social media has become an unsafe and dangerous forum for people, but it also helps us in many ways. We are going to be talking about some pros and cons about social media.

I interviewed two seventh graders to get their opinions on social media. Some pros they said were that “you can communicate with others” and make new friends but “you have to be careful with the people you meet”. These are people that the social media user doesn’t know, never met. They might not be the person you think they are.

Another pro they said was entertainment such as games or browsing through social media. When were bored instead of complaining to our parents we can just scroll through our phone, but sometimes it becomes an addiction. Here is a con.

People can spend hours on social media and not even notice. Social media can also block out the real world we live in. Approximately 3.2 billion people in the world use social media daily, but 4.4 billion people have some sort of electronics. People become less physically active, they just hide in their room all day. People communicate more through phones than in real life these days, which isn’t good for our health.

I also asked “if social media didn’t exist, do you think people would act differently?” One student said, “Yes, because I think we would be more open to others and communicate more.” While another commented, “Social media is like a dark hole, once you go in, you can’t get out.” It changes out people act and feel sometimes.  Phones are a way to communicate with others, which can lead to others saying things that they wouldn’t say to your face. Social media trends have also changed peoples styles, such as the creation of the vsco girls, e-girls, soft girls, etc. 

The most used social media platform is Facebook. It’s used more by adults than kids, but the second most used is Instagram. Instagram lets users post things that people view and like. It’s main idea is to focus on teens and their lifestyle to communicate and inspire others.

 Social media has it’s pros and cons, but overall I feel that phones do not benefit our brains. Phones distract us from doing more adventurous things. When was the last time you played outside without using your phone? I know sometimes it’s hard to put down your phone because your whole life is on it, but take a day off and realize the real world and what it has for you.