Welcome to the WMS family!

In light of the recent 5th-grade orientation, we suggest 5th graders read this article and use it to help prepare to be part of the Warrior family. “If you have friends that support you and are loyal, there is nothing to worry about, ”said a 7th grader named Jack Brenner. The best piece of advice we have come across is to trust your gut and listen to yourself, not others.

Changing Blocks

“When I was in 6th  grade it was not easy because it took a little while to get used to the school and changing blocks,” said 7th grader Adian Miller. Most people would say that is the hardest thing about middle school, but if you stay “calm and breath”, said another 7th grader, Jeffrey, “everything will be okay.”

When it comes to switching classes it might be hard, but we have a tip for you. The basement has all letter rooms, the main floor is odd numbers, and the top floor has even numbers.  When you come into middle school, you want to just enjoy your time and get your work done, so with this knowledge you can focus on this.

Keeping Grades Up

A lot of people have a tough time with keeping their grades at the level they want the first year because they might be stressed about where their classes are, all the new lessons, and new teachers. But after the first year or maybe after the first month you will get used to it, we promise.

7th grader, Aidan Miller, says, “middle school will be a lot easier as long as you stay out of trouble and focus on your work.” A good tip for when you are doing work like essays or any big projects is “do not procrastinate,” said 8th grader, Kaitlyn Chepel.  When you are in class “be wise, ask questions, and don’t be afraid,” said 6th grader Rianna Burgos.


Lunch, the moment we all have been waiting for.  6th graders have lunch at 11:33. When you get into 7th grade you have lunch at 1:03 and 8th graders have lunch at 12:22. It might seem like a long time until lunch and you might get hungry, but you’re lucky that you are not a 7th grader yet because then you have to have lunch last and that’s not fun.

When you come to lunch, you want to go straight to your lunch table and wait quietly.  If you wait quietly for your table to be called to go to lunch you will have more time to eat and you will not receive a consequence.  We suggest you listen because we don’t want you to get in trouble.


When you come to middle school, the gym should be finished and brand new. In gym, if it is nice outside you can go outside and have a variety of choices of what to play. Some of the things that you can do are keep-it-up, soccer,   whiffle ball, and football. You also get your own small locker to put your clothes in. Each locker either has a combination or your teacher has a key to open it. Make sure you bring extra clothes and shoes to change into.


A lot of people may think the A-day, B-day scheduling is confusing, but it really isn’t as difficult as it seems. Think of it this way: If you have A-day gym, that means you have your special on a B-day or the other way around. After a couple of weeks you will get used to it and it will become second-nature in no time. A tip for remembering your schedule is if you have a binder you can slip your schedule in the front clear pocket.

Dress Code

Since it is your first year in middle school, you need to be aware of the new dress code rules.  Flip-flops, ripped jeans, short shorts, and tank tops are the part of the dress code that usually presents the biggest issue. Even though it is a big school and their are a lot more people than you may be used to, you still have a chance of getting “dress-coded”, which is a term that means you get a consequence for being out of dress code.  You can wear shorts as long as they are as long as your arms and no tank tops.

School Counselors

If you ever need help or need support, the counselors are always there for you. Mrs. Valente and Ms. Torrella the two guidance counselors and located in the basement near the auditorium. Most of the time they are either in their office around the school doing work. When you walk into the counseling office they are very welcoming and will help you with whatever you need.  Mrs.Valente one of the guidance counselors said, “Don’t freak out or be nervous. Make friends and take it one day at a time.” These tips will help you get through the year.


When you first come into the school the

noise might be hard to handle and the new parts of the school may be confusing. After a while, you will get used to the sound and it won’t bother you anymore. You will have a brand new gym and some new classes. Some of your classes are not going to be in the same place as before because a lot of classrooms are getting relocated.

New science rooms are going to be done with all new equipment.It is going to be pretty cool. Next year a lot of the classroom are going to be brain new and ready to have


When it’s your first year coming into middle school, you are not able to participate in all of the clubs and sports, but some of the activities you can are drama club, Art Club, Student Council, Mearl Club, Cross Country.  The one thing that 6th graders cannot participate in is sports. When you become a 7th grader, then you must turn in your physical to the coaches and attend meetings to join.

Even though 6th graders can’t play sports an 8th grader said, “I suggest you get involved in the clubs because it helps you get used to the school and become part of the Warrior family.”


Make your middle school years the best years!  Now that you know all of the ins and outs about the school, we hope you use all of the tips. Welcome to Woodbridge Middle and we look forward to you becoming an important part of the Warrior family and have no doubt you will thrive during your first year of middle school.