Turning into the cubing world!


William Warby

A solved Rubik's cube photo labled for non-commercial reuse via https://www.flickr.com/photos/wwarby/11913436786 under the creative commons license.

Students at Woodbridge Middle School are starting to turn into Rubik’s Cube fanatics. Rubik’s Cubes are getting more and more popular because now there are more competitions and “speedcubers”. “Speedcubers” are people that try to solve cubes as fast as possible to get a good solve.

For some backup information about Rubik’s cubes here is some history! The first Rubik’s cube was made in 1974 by erno rubik when he was teaching about problem solving.Today we know the Rubik’s cube as a toy but at first it wasn’t. The time it became a toy was in 1979 at a toy fair. It was seen to be a big hit and was licensed to the ideal toy corporation by 1980. By 2009 there were nearly 350 Million units sold.

Hamza Shahzad is a seventh grade “cuber”. Shahzad  has stated that his best 3 by 3 solve is 24.97 seconds. When solving his cubes Shahzad uses the method “roux”. Shahzad said he uses this method because it is “the most efficient”. The puzzles Shahzad can solve are “2 by 2, 3 by 3, pyraminx, and megaminx”. Shahzad has also said that “I’m good at cubing but thats depending on the type cube”.

Seventh Grader, Kristopher Maglasang said that he can solve 3 by 3, 2 by 2, and pyraminx. Maglasang said that his fastest time to solve a 3 by 3 is “about a minute”. The method he uses to solve a cube is the beginners method. He said he uses this method “because I wanted it to be easy”

Michael Kidwell is an eighth grade cuber that can solve “skewb, 2 by 2, kilominx, and skewb ultimate”. Kidwell stated that his personal best on skewb  was “13.81 seconds”. Kidwell uses an “intermediate method to solve skewb”. Kidwell uses this method because it is “the first method I learned”. Kidwell stated that “Im not good at cubing.”