Mrs. Kemper: the super support person of the year!


Deisy Rojas

Mural Club artwork!

Deisy Rojas , Spring Author

Mrs. Kemper has inspired students to paint and draw and she won the Support Person of the Year Award. She first began the Mural Club about three years ago and it’s still running.

Rupita Refat, a WMS student taking mural club, stated that “I think [Mrs. Kemper] is really nice and helps manage the club nicely.” Refat said that it’s really fun to paint and make the school look “nicer”. Refat started mural club at the beginning of sixth grade, just like everyone else.

Jeffrey De Leon Vaca, also a student at WMS taking mural club, stated, “Mrs. Kemper is a really caring person.’’ De Leon Vaca likes mural club and was previously working on a painting.

Mrs. Kemper, one of the WMS secretaries and winner of Support Person of the Year, stated that she has done art since high school and done many more art projects since. During her free time, Kemper likes to pain and listen to music. About three years ago, Mr. Malmstrom, a WMS language arts and journalism teacher, asked Mrs. Kemper to join in teaching the club. Kemper stated, “I was glad he asked me to join. And [part of the inspiration] was the building.”

Mr. Malmstrom wrote that “Mrs. Kemper goes above and beyond the call of duty. She took the drab walls of the WMS basement and inspired students to create something our school community can be proud of. Her passion for art and education resonates throughout the entire school. Thank you Mr. Kemper! You are awesome!”

The school secretary Mrs. Sandy stated, “Mrs.Kemper is smart, funny, sweet, very helpful, and wise. She always goes out of her way for others.”

Mrs. Kemper, Mr. Malmstrom, and Mr. Lee are the three teachers that run Mural Club. They help the building look amazing with the help of various WMS students.  Congratulations Mrs. Kemper, you deserve it!