WMS teachers shave the day with St. Baldrick’s!

The teachers posing for the last photo with their hair.

The St. Baldrick’s fundraiser was a success, breaking the goal of 10 thousand dollars with a grand total of $11 thousand! It was a huge success and next year there is going to be a goal for $25 thousand for Ms. Nardoza and Mrs. Malmstrom to shave off their hair.

Mr. Murphy, an eighth grade LA teacher prefers being bald, “I wanted more students involved, more students to shave their hair.” It was a great fundraiser, “Next year I want to raise 25 thousand dollars, that way I can have the first female teacher shave their head.” The female teachers are Ms. Nardoza and Mrs. Malmstrom.

Ms. Nardoza, a sixth and seventh-grade science teacher said, “I’m very nervous, but I know I’m going to have to shave my head because Mr. Murphy will find a way to reach $25,000. He’s very stubborn.” If we reach this goal, she will be the first female teacher to shave her head.

Mr. Olvesen, an eighth-grade science and STEM teacher who had an astounding amount of hair said, “it doesn’t affect my daily routine, I still wash my hair.” Mr. Olvesen said that it was nice to raise over 10 thousand dollars. “It was fun seeing our fellow colleagues and I shave our heads. Overall, it was a pretty cool experience.”

Mr. Malmstrom, a journalism and LA teacher said that he “actually enjoyed it a lot”, saying, “It feels breezy.” Malmstrom hasn’t had his head shaved since he was a baby! Mr. Malmstrom was afraid that he would “look like Shrek.” It is now much easier for him to get ready since he doesn’t have to worry much about his hair. Mr. Malmstrom volunteered to get his head shaved because his best friend passed away from cancer and his aunt who inspired him to take part in this event.

Mr. Maneri, a math teacher at WMS, had a “luxurious beard” and “put it to good use.” He said he had a good time and it was very exciting. Being bald doesn’t really affect his daily routine. It saves his time from shampooing and combing his beard, “Overall, it was fun and for a great cause,” he said.

Mr. Cianfano, a sixth-grade math teacher said he likes his hair this way, “It feels different, feels very strange.” It doesn’t really interfere with his daily routine. The fundraiser was “very fun and exciting!” Cianfano said, overall, the fundraiser was awesome. “Just to be able to raise money for awareness is great.”

Mr. Catalano, a math teacher who has a passion for History, shaved his beloved hair. Catalano doubted that we were going to raise that goal, he commented, “It’s very cold and it affects my daily routine.” The fundraiser was “even more” exciting than he imagined it. “It was lots of fun.”

Anthony Velardo an eighth-grader participated to raise money for awareness as well. “I don’t really notice it, it saves me time too. It was so cool.” Velardo enjoyed it and will possibly come back next year if they do this event again

Brendon Gill, another eighth-grade student says that having no hair is “very cold.” It doesn’t really affect his daily routine. Gill said he was “expecting” a lot from the fundraiser and said that there could have been more prizes, “it was decent.”

Anthony Smith was one of the sixth graders who got called up to claim his prize during the event. He stated he got snacks and Coca Cola. He was very happy and surprised when he got called up. “The fundraiser was really cool,” Smith said.

This year was very successful with the goal of 11 thousand dollars! We can’t wait for next year to reach the goal of 25 thousand!

St. Baldrick’s is a foundation that creates funding priorities to help children with cancer.

Click here to donate and learn more about this foundation!