The Jets “Take Flight” with new uniforms and logo

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Michael Thomas, Spring Editor

The Jets plan to “Take Flight” into the 2019 season with a new look.

After much anticipation, the new New York Jets uniforms and logo have finally released on April 4, 2019. With almost any team redesign, there was a reveal watch party to go along with the releases. The watch party was held at Gotham Hall hosted by New York Jets “fan” JB Smoove.

The watch party commenced at 7:30 PM with a hype video. After that, Smoove started the event up with cracking some jokes with his style of comedy. Though the team plays in East Rutherford, a town in New Jersey, Smooth really played up that the jets are “New York’s Team”.

After building up the team’s history, players, ups and downs, starting the classic “J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS” chant he introduced Jets president Neil Glat who then thanked the groups who helped the uniforms get into shape. The biggest part of his speech was the announcement of the “new” team colors, Gotham Green, Spotlight White, and Stealth Black.

As he puts it, the jerseys are “clean, bold, and dynamic.” After that, we got to see the players’ reactions to these new looks. Some reactions were of surprise and delight, and others can’t be repeated in this news paper.

Smoove came back out to introduce CEO of the Jets, Christopher Johnson who gave us a glimpse into the processes of how these were made. After that, it was time to finally time show the final products.

The new, “modern logo”, is different from the now old one due to an redesigned football, and no more “NY” behind the Jets spelling, but now it says New York above the word Jets.

Sporting the Gotham Green Uniforms were quarterback Sam Darnold and wide receiver Quincy Enunwa. The two variations of Gotham Green were an all Gotham Green and a Gotham Green with Spotlight White pants. Out of all the uniforms, these are my least favorite, but that doesn’t mean I hate them. The all Gotham Green uniform just looks like a green bean suit.

To me these look like they’re straight out of Michigan State University, which is fitting due to new running back Le’Veon Bell formerly attending that university. A little side note, all the helmets are a green, but chromed. Plus the words NEW YORK are now above the numbers on the front of the jersey.

Wearing the Spotlight White uniforms were tight end Chris Herden and wide receiver Robby Anderson. The all Spotlight White is my second favorite jersey; very sleek. while the other variation of Spotlight White jerseys and Gotham Green pants looks like a create-a-jersey straight out of Madden.

The final uniforms related were the Spotlight Blacks, sported by safety Jamal “President” Adams, defensive tackle Leonard “Big Cat” (Big Dog if you’re JB Smoove) Williams, and finally middle linebacker Avery Williamson. These are my favorites, if the defensive plays like its hyped to be this coming season, I wouldn’t want to be playing the Jets in these all Spotlight Black uniforms.

My top three are the all Stealth Black uniforms, the all Spotlight White uniforms, and the Spotlight Green jersey with Spotlight White pants.

When these jerseys were leaked, I didn’t like them. But after seeing them in real life, they’re growing on me. I hope these will boost the Jets into a new era, hopefully not one with 8-8 and worse seasons.