Shane Dawson impacts students with conspiracies

Megan Shala and Yiseth Nunez

The famous YouTuber Shane Dawson attempts to dominate the world with his astonishing conspiracies. Here at WMS Rupita Refat, Alaina Haniff, Brandon Lujan, and Hassan Boniface gave their opinions on Dawson’s conspiracies.

Refat stated that she is aware who Dawson is and his theories.  She also said they’re “interesting” because most people don’t think that way.  When asked why he is famous, Refat said “Probably because no one does conspiracy videos that are really good”.  Dawson also has a theory that Chuck-E-Cheese pizzas are old slices being reused to make new pies.  Refat said she is aware about this theory that went viral.  The final question is whether or not people believe these conspiracies.  Refat said she does believe them, especially the Chuck-E-Cheese theory.

Haniff also knows who Dawson is and what theories he makes, like the Chuck-E- Cheese pizza theory.  When asked how she feels about them, Haniff said that “they’re fun to watch”.  Haniff believes the reused pizza theory as well.  Dawson seems to be catching his viewers with his suspenseful theories.

Lujan wasn’t aware who Dawson is, but still had a point of view.  He knows what conspiracy theories are.  When explained what Dawson’s most famous theory is, reused Chuck-E-Cheese pizza, he stated that he would believe it.  Dawson has another theory that applies to the Mandela Effect. The Mandela Effect is a theory where people misremember the same minor or major detail.  Dawson believes we were sent to another dimension that changed a detail in our lives, like the show “The Berenstain Bears” that was claimed to originally be “The Berenstein Bears”. Lujan said “I would be surprised if I lived in another dimension”.

Boniface knows who Dawson is, but isn’t familiar with his conspiracies.  He was also informed about the Chuck-E-Cheese pizza  theory.  He was asked why they might reuse pizza and said, “Maybe they don’t have enough time to make all the pizzas”.  Boniface was told about The Mandela Effect, and thinks it’s “pretty unfortunate” and it could be “real”.