“Console yourself” WMS opinion on gaming

Xbox and PS4 controllers

Xbox and PS4 controllers

 Kids and adults lives have been impacted because of video games. This impact expanded the creativity and strategy in real life scenarios. That affected students at Woodbridge Middle School to the point that there is a video game movement at WMS.

Lorenzo Cucaro, a sixth grader at WMS, said, “I play PS4 more that Xbox”. Cucaro likes PS4 because of the games and there are a lot of free ones.  Cucaro Plays Fortnite a lot; he said because Fortnite is “fun to play”. When Cucaro hears about a new game, he looks for a demo.  Cucaro continued, “The first time I started playing video games from my friend Aiden”. Cucaro gets his games from the game store or Gamestop. Cucaro said, “My first gaming console was a PS3”. He got his PS3 in 2016. Cucaro stated that if he could name a gaming company anything it would be called “Pug-Drifting”.

Seventh grader, Giovanni Guerriero said  he prefers Xbox over any other console. Guerriero stated that his favorite game is Black Ops 3. He said when he buys games he, “ Asks my friends if the game is good or if I hear them talk about the game.” Guerriero explained that his dad would play other Call of Duty games. So when he saw that his Dad played games he started to love video games.

Seventh grader Lucas Agbejemisn is an avid PS4 fan, saying, “PS4 has better graphics than Xbox”.  Agbejemisn’s favorite games are 2K18 and Call of Duty. Agbejemisn started playing when his friend started to play Wii Sports.  After that Agbejemisn asked his mom for a Wii. Agbejemisn gets his games from Gamestop and the Microsoft store. Agbejemisns became a “real gamer” in 2010. Agbejemisns said, “my gaming company would be called Windows Gaming”. “Forza and Halo are some games I like,” Agbejemisn’s explained.

Micah Eason, a Playstation 4 player and seventh grader at Woodbridge Middle School, said, “PS4 is better than Xbox because of the games.” Eason also stated before he buys video games he watches the advertisement. Micah said “Spider-man is a good game”. Eason explained that he started playing when PS4 came out.  His Dad played on PS2. Eason’s first game console was PS4. If Eason made a gaming company it would be called “Micahnator”.  

7th Grade Honors Language Arts and Journalism teacher Mr. Malmstrom explained that he plays both Nintendo  Switch and PS4. Malmstrom said that his favorite games are Mario, MLB: The Show, and Spiderman. Malmstrom stated,“When I buy video games I read a lot of reviews and watch YouTube videos before I buy a game”.  Malmstrom said that if his favorite video game wasn’t made he “wouldn’t play” games much. Malmstrom older friends introduced him to computer games like Doom and The Oregon Trail, then started playing games like Duck Hunt, Mario. When he was a kid, his mom’s biggest regret is buying her son Nintendo.  Malmstrom favorite games are Super Mario World 3 and Mario 64. Malmstrom likes these games because they are in 3D and you can fly in Mario 64, and called it “revolutionary”. Malmstrom stated if he made a video game company in would be called “Edgar Allan Bro Entertainment”.