The Ace Family Changes The World!


Yazziray Ruiz

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Yazziray Ruiz, Spring Author

The best family channel is a trend now. The Ace Family, also known as the McBrooms, is gaining thousands of subscribers every day. THE Ace Family stands for Austin, Alaia, Catherine,and Elle. Catherine and Austin are the parents of Elle and Alaia.

They have made an impact on people’s lives, which is evident because they have over 15 million subscribers.Most subscribers in the comment section say that the family’s channel makes them “smile”.

WMS 7th grader, Zyarah Alcaraz stated that she “enjoys watching THE Ace Family”. Alcaraz also said that she “enjoys watching them grow”. Alcaraz said she thinks that it’s a good way to have many laughs with friends. She watches the family channel “sometimes” now.

Gianna Ruttler, WMS 8th grader, said she “loves THE Ace Family”. Ruttler likes to watch them “by herself on her bed”. Ruttler watches them because “they are happy and that makes her happy”. Ruttler loves Austin the most because “he gives good advice”.

Mya Ulloa, 6th grader, says she “loves the whole channel, I love it”. Ulloa likes watching it by herself because the videos “relieves stress”. Ulloa wants everyone to know to “subscribe, click the bell, so you get notified every time they post a new video”. Ulloa found out about them because of her older sister. Ulloa thinks “it’s crazy that they are combining two big houses together”.

Alexa Benicaso watches THE Ace Family and watches it “by herself ”. Benicaso stated that she “started watching them last year in February”. Benicaso explained how the family’s channel is “funny”and they do “fun things like the basketball charity event”. Benicaso said that “they inspire her to work hard”.

Hailey Scocco said that she watches “THE Ace Family” and “loves the channel”. Scocco has her “notifications on, but doesn’t watch the video when it first drops”. Scocco said that she started “watching them when Catherine was pregnant with Elle”. Scocco said “they inspire her”.

Brianna Vargo said that she watches “THE Ace Family only a little bit”. Vargo likes that “they are a family and can grow to make new stuff”. Vargo said she likes watching them by herself. Vargo stated that “they make her happy”. Vargo said she hasn’t watched their newer videos, but people are talking a lot about their success.

Alcaraz says her favorite person from the channel is Elle. Ruttler said “Austin”. Ulloa said “Alaia and Elle”. Benicaso said “Elle”. Scocco said “The Elle”. Vargo said “Elle”. Clearly, Elle is the popular one from this channel.

THE Ace Family held a basketball charity event and a bunch of Ace Family members came out to support in Los Angeles. THE Ace Family basketball charity event money went to Africa, to the families who needed water.

For THE Ace Family’s 15 million subscribers they bought an ice cream truck and drove around and gave out merch (merchandise). THE Ace Family loves to give back.

I love the ace family so much.They have made me smile and laugh when no one could. THE Ace Family has inspired me a lot and has great advice. The Ace Family showed me how to love myself and to never give up. THE Ace Family will always and forever be my favorite channel. I don’t have a favorite person from the channel because I love them all equally. I am so happy to see more of their success. I wish them the best of all this world could give.