February’s top students dazzle WMS


Mrs. Torrella

Congrats to Patryk Duda and Elizabeth Deleon for winning SOTM.

Yiseth Nunez and Megan Shala

Alaina Haniff, Jorge Fernandez, Anvita Sinha, Anthony Reyes-Pizarro, Elizabeth Deleon, and Patryk Duda were all students of the month for February in WMS. Their wonderful behavior brought teacher’s attention, making them February’s top students.

 When Alaina Haniff first found out she was Student of the month, she said she was “surprised”.  Alaina said this will change her middle school experience because “you’re recognized more”.  Being in middle school is a colossal change. Here is Alaina’s input on elementary school, “In elementary school you have less freedom and you’re recognized less”.

 There are good aspects to school, like setting goals.  Alaina’s further goals are “get better grades” and “work harder”.  Students can use these goals as well in all subjects.  Haniff’s favorite subject is Language Arts because it is interesting and fun.  Alaina said “study” if you have a test or any event, which could make the subject interesting.

Congratulations to Alaina Haniff and Jorge Fernandez for winning SOTM.

 When Jorge Fernandez was declared student of the month, he did not expect it.  Fernandez felt “nervous” and “happy” when he was called.  Middle school changed Fernandez because in elementary school he was “behind”.  He has more goals for middle school. “Try to get into honors” was one of them.  One of Fernandez’s best subjects is “Math, it’s easy for me and it feels natural”, he said.  Fernandez’s advice for a math test or any subject is studying, taking notes, and looking at past work.

 Anvita Sinha felt “so surprised” to win Student of the Month.  After the surprise, “You go down to the office ande get a certificate, pencil, and a picture. Oh! And an interview”, Anvita stated.  Since she won SOTM, now Anvita is a better role model. For her, being a role model is “really weird” and “pretty cool”.  Anvita, being in the middle grade, says “We have some people to look up to and some to teach”.  Some things that changed from 6th grade to 7th grade for her is “7th grade got busier. We have more opportunities and got to join more clubs”.  Some advice by Anvita is, “Don’t worry if a teacher’s watching or not, keep doing your best”.

Mrs. Torrella
Congratulations to Anvita Sinha and Anthony Reyes-Piizarro for winning SOTM.

 When Anthony Reyes- Pizarro heard his name called for SOTM he said that it felt good, but he didn’t know where to go, so he went to Guidance.  If you want to be SOTM Anthony’s advice would be “respect your teachers”.  In 6th grade Anthony was SOTM and he said it was a “good experience”.

 This was Elizabeth Deleon’s first time being SOTM and she said it feels a bit sad yet amazing to leave middle school, but also win SOTM.  Elizabeth said it takes responsibility, determination, and honesty to be a leader in WMS.  When asked if she wanted to be SOTM, Elizabeth said “Yes, I put a lot of effort into it”.  To be a good school leader, Elizabeth said “do your homework, respect, listen, and focus”.  If there is ever a substitute, Elizabeth said, “I listen, I follow rules, and do what I’m supposed to”. What Elizabeth would say to 6th and 7th grades would be,“Always educate yourself, try to learn from others, because in life there’s a lot of obstacles”.

 Some of Patryk’s favorite things to do in 8th grade is going on trips, and being a good role model.  Duda said that he did want to be student of the month, because it feels good getting “recognition”and “motivation”.  Being a leader of WMS, Patryk said, it “feels good” having everyone look up to you. Advice from Patryk is “Try hard and get good grades”.