A Fanbase Divided Cannot Stand! (SPOILERS FOR EVERY STAR WARS MOVIE!)


Photo via http://intergalacticrobot.blogspot.com/2017/12/acalopsia-last-jedi.html under The Creative Commons Liscense.

Kevin Caffrey, Spring Editor


Star Wars has been the highest grossing film franchise ever since the original’s debut in 1977, but could the newest film in the main storyline tear the fans apart?

The Last Jedi is the eighth movie in this long running series, and so far most fans have agreed on the other movie’s respective qualities, but this is the first Star Wars movie that no one could agree on.

Many fans disliked it for going in a completely different path than expected, while others loved it because it went in a completely different direction than expected.

Mr. Cianfano, math teacher and Star Wars fanatic, said, “I wasn’t a fan of Luke Skywalker being such a recluse,” and that he thinks they should have expanded on Supreme Leader Snoke’s role in the story. He could have been revealed to be some character that we previously knew about, but instead they just killed him.

Brendan Gill, another big Star Wars fan, said he thought it was average. He continued to say that “the scene with Holdo using a ship with hyperspace as a battering ram didn’t make sense.”

Anthony Gonzalez, incredibly huge Star Wars fan, said, “I absolutely hated The Last Jedi.” He continued by saying he particularly hated Snoke’s death, Luke Skywalker’s self-exile, and the character of Rose entirely. Gonzalez added that he may not even see Episode IX because of The Last Jedi.

Andrew Kleissler, another big Star Wars fan, said he very much liked the movie. He said “I enjoyed pretty much everything about the movie. The only thing I’d add is some sort of confrontation between Supreme Leader Snoke and Luke Skywalker.”

Mr. Malmstrom, average Star Wars fan, said “I enjoyed the movie, but I would’ve preferred it if they changed the character arc of Kylo Ren. I also wish they had made Snoke’s death more climactic because they built him up so much and then they just killed him off.”

Aidan Calabrese, very casual Star Wars fan, said, “I think Snoke’s death was dumb because they built him up so much and I think Luke Skywalker being different could be jarring for fans of the originals.”

I absolutely loved The Last Jedi.t. I loved it for the same reason that I love A Song of Ice and Fire, it never does what you expect. I expected them to repeat The Empire Strikes Back all over again, but instead they created a completely different story to enjoy.

I think the whole reason that this movie has been so polarizing was because fans were split on what they wanted from the movie to begin with. Some fans like myself wanted surprises around every corner, while other fans wanted them to expand on Snoke or portray Luke differently.

I hope that Episode IX could work to bring the fans back together, giving the perfect mix of big surprises and a little bit of fan service.