Getting Bald for a Cause


Trisha Castro-Aguilar and Carolyne Maciel

The outstanding St. Baldrick’s poster pulls us in with excitement and curiosity!

On April 18th, the St. Baldrick’s fundraiser will be held in the auditorium. Teachers and students volunteered to participate and our school couldn’t thank Mr. Murphy enough for making this happen!

Mr. Murphy is a Language Arts teacher who thinks this event is an amazing way to raise money for kids with cancer.

It’s his 6th year participating overall, but the second year at WMS. People who work at St. Baldrick’s helped him make this happen. When he signed up in 2013 and shaved his head, it made quite the impact.

There is an upcoming event and  Murphy said that the tournament of Super Smash Bros is a “cool way to donate money and show off.”

Mr. Cianfano is a sixth-grade math teacher who hopes that by shaving his head, people can find a cure for kids with cancer. He thinks that it is going to be quite interesting having his head shaved for this cause.

Cianfano stated, “If these kids can go through it, why can’t I?” and continued, “I want to experience what they go through with no hair.”

Mr. Malmstrom is a journalism and language arts teacher here in WMS.  He said “this is an important cause for [him]” because one of his best friends lost a battle to cancer during the years of seventh grade and his aunt who is fighting cancer is also an inspiration to him. He said he is willing to do “something uncomfortable” in order to raise money for the cause.

Mr. Maneri, a math teacher, hopes his “super luxurious beard is put to good use.” Maneri is excited to see the final outcome of the money and to see “everyone come together.”

Dr. Crowe said it’s a “worthwhile organization” and he’s looking forward to getting his head shaved. He thinks it’s a “very good cause and an enjoyable way of raising money for cancer.”

Anthony Velardo, an eighth-grade student at WMS, said he is willing to go bald because it “makes him feel good” to help a cause like this. Velardo said, “I like to put a smile on people’s faces.” This is the St. Baldrick’s veteran’s second year doing it.

Brendon Gill, another eighth-grade student, said his cousin was diagnosed with throat cancer. He found inspiration because his brother started participating in this event too, and he wanted to follow along. This is Gill’s fifth or sixth time participating.

WMS is proud of our volunteers and can’t wait for another successful year!

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