The fantastic February teachers of the month shine bright



Mr Maneri poses for the teacher of the month award

Elise Gurovich and Brianna Gonzalez

Mr. Keuscher, Ms.Moorjani, and Mr. Maneri get a big round of applause for winning teacher of the month.

A Student from Mr.  Keusher’s class named Lia Trenery said, “I love how he puts humor into the class and  makes kids want to come to his class and learn.” It looks like WMS really likes Mr.Keuscher.

Mr.Keuscher explained how he felt about the award saying, “I like teaching at WMS because I am able to do my job, but make it fun at the same time.  It’s really amazing to hear your name be announced as teacher of the month; I will remember this moment for the rest of my life.”

Mr.Keuscher proudly holds his award for all to see.

On the other hand Ms. Moorjani wanted to become a teacher because ”as a student, she  loved the picture and the  body language of the teacher.”  As the second time winning teacher of the month she said she felt “proud” when they called her  name.

A 6th grader from Ms.Moorjani’s class named Monika Duda said, “She really inspires me because she is always willing to help anyone who needs help in the morning and always brightens my day.” She said Mrs.Moorjani  makes her “believe” in herself no matter what.

Mrs.Moorjani flys high for winning teacher of the month.

A 7th grade teacher, Mr. Maneri, said he felt amazing when his name got called. Mr Maneri said that when it comes to teaching he loves the “different challenges and personality of the students.” Mr Maneri has won teacher of the month before, but he says that he feels “amazing” every single time.

An 8th grade student from Mr Maneri’s class said that she “loves the way he teaches” and that he makes funny jokes during class. Mr Maneri inspires her because he wants his students to learn and work to the best of their ability.